7 Modern Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyles For Men

Only true gentlemen can pull off a slicked back undercut. When done properly, this hairstyle will instantly make you look like a businessman. A luxurious and professional appearance is guaranteed. There are plenty of variations of the modern slicked back undercut, you just have to find a perfect

18 Undercut Hairstyles for Men to Give An Edge

Undercut hairstyles for men are really versatile because the undercut can be used to create a lot of different looks. An undercut can be used to show off the facial features, lengthen the rest of the hair or to create a signature feature. What are you hoping

14 Simplified Haircuts for Black Men [2017]

Choosing black men haircuts can be very difficult because a lot of hairstyle lists do not take into account that black men have a very different hair type. Afro-textured hair behaves very differently from other hair types. It is normally coarser and wirier than other hair types.

15 Male Hairstyles For Semi Curly Hair – Try These Trends

Male Hairstyles For Semi Curly Hair: Nowadays men have become more aware of their personality, style, and grooming. As a result of which their hair has gotten the needed care and attention which they deserve. People pick different hair styles to have a unique look and to