14 Male Hairstyles for Long Narrow Faces which makes you Favorite

Male Hairstyles for Long Narrow Faces: Having a good hair style is a crucial part of grooming for men. With respect to women who could do lots of stuff to look pretty, guys just have three areas to work upon that are having a fit body, fresh face and nice hair cut. A good hair cut determines the kind of personality you have and the hair style you have reflects your attitude towards life. A right hair cut can enhance your looks and downsize your weaknesses and a bad hair style can cut down your confidence as nobody desire of being mocked by people due to an awful hair cut.

There are various male hair styles for long narrow faces that should be kept in mind while having a hair style selection. Well it’s a common tip or say a piece of advice that one must dress to impress but what we need to think is why just focus on the dress, hair should be a priority too, if not higher, then at least equal. Also look Hairstyles for tall guys, Men Short Hairstyles and Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair.

How important is the face type for getting a good hair cut?

  • Like the clothes you wear, the rule of one size fits all approach doesn’t fit in here. Your hair style should certainly compliment your face type. There are few common face types that men have like oval, round, square, rectangular, diamond and long which can be differentiated on the basis of the length of your jaw line, cheek bone, chin, forehead and face length etc. These common physical features of your face decide the face type you have.
  • Long face type men have face length the largest and then come the cheekbones, forehead and jaw line being the smallest. So the male hair styles for long narrow faces should add width to their chin and forehead.

Some Male hair styles for long narrow face

Narrow Haircut with Beard

This Men Hairstyle are usually the short ones and a neat beard can also add to provide the additional balance to your look.

Male hair styles for long narrow faces 1

It is recommended to go with a cut that has some layers in it for men with long faces.

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