18 Subtle Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As women age, their hair starts to change. Older hair can be more brittle and may be harder to control. Short hairstyles for women over 50 allow older women to create manageable yet beautiful hairstyles. These styles do not put too much stress on the hair fibers, so should not cause any damage.


Why Choose Subtle Short Hairstyles for Women over 50?

Older women usually favor more subtle styles over styles that are too big or bold. It is hard to create bigger or bolder styles because the hair will not keep its shape as easily. It is, therefore, better to make a big impression with subtle changes, such as the color or the length.


#1: Bob with Gentle Wave

bob haircut for 50 age women

Give your face a little softness by styling a gentle wave into your hair. This can be done very easily by using a barrel brush whilst you are blow drying your short hairstyle.


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#2: Cheek Length Crop Hairstyle for Women Over 50

short hairstyle for women over 50

50+ aged women should consider a cheek length cropped hairstyle. These short hairstyles for women over 50 help to make the wearer look more refined by lifting their cheekbones.


#3: Soft Short Waves

Soft Short Waves for women over 50

Soft rolls add volume to short hairstyles for women over 50, without being too overbearing. They are also easy for women to style once their hair has begun to lose its natural moisture.


#4: Swept Back Glamor

swept back hairstyle for women over 50

Feathering the hair upwards and backwards away from the face helps to open up your face. It creates a glamorous look by giving short hairstyles extra volume.


#5: Wispy Fringe

fringe hair for adult women

A light, wispy fringe looks great with many different short hairstyles for women. This look helps to draw attention to the eyes, so is perfect if you have sharp, bright eyes.


#6: Peaked Hairstyle for 50+ Women

Short hairstyles for women over 50 can be given real vibrancy by pulling the hair up into peaks or spikes. This gives the look a little touch of “zing”.


#7: Short tousled crop

To give short hairstyles for women over 50 a tousled look, all that you will need is a little bit of light hold hair gel. Use your fingers to tease out sections to create a tousled effect.


#8: Flicking

Give a short hairstyle a little bit more volume by using a curling wand to flick the hair outward at the tips. This effect looks amazing in layered short hairstyles on older women.


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#9: Rounded Bob

A rounded bob is a good hairstyle to choose if you want to give more shape to a narrow face. Use your curling wand to curl your hair inwards under your chin.


#10: Messy Layers

A messy cropped short hairstyle looks great on women over 50. Add a little soft hold hair gel to keep your hairstyle looking messy, but not too messy!


#11: Fierce Red

short hairstyle for women over 50

Turn heads by dyeing your hair a fiery red color like Sharon Osborne. By the time that you are over 50, you will be bored of making sensible choices, so go bold with an unnatural shade of red!


#12: Subtle Red

If you want to try out a shade of red, but you daren’t go for anything too extreme then you should think about coloring your hair a more subtle shade of red. This is a beautiful color for short hairstyles for women over 50.


#13: Bob with Light Waves

short bob hairstyle for women over 50

Light waves help to create a subtle hairstyle for older women. These waves look great as part of a chin-length bob hairstyle. It is a very manageable and low maintenance style.


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#14: Smooth Pixie Crop

Pixie hairstyles with crop give a cheeky look which is ideal for older women with short hair. Keep the style smooth by combing through it regularly with a fine comb. A little light mousse will also help to keep the style smoothed down.


#15: ZigZag Parting

A zigzag parting can help to give any short hairstyle for women over 50 a real playful edge. Use the end of a comb to drag your parting into a wiggly wavy shape.


#16: Voluminous Bob with Light Curls

Voluminous Bob hairstyle for women over 50

Women over 60 can still enjoy glamorous hairstyles and red carpet events. Use curling irons or heated rollers to add a big curl to your bob. Make sure that you use the heat protecting spray or cream to avoid damage to your hair.


#17: Peaked Fringe

short hairstyle for women over 50

Keep your hair out of your eyes by styling your hair with a subtly rolled fringe. Comb the front section around a barrel brush to give your look a buoyant fringe section.


#18: Choppy Cut

Choppy Cut hairstyle for women over 50

A choppy cut can help to add texture to short hairstyles for women over 50. Use a little styling gel to make the choppy sections more pronounced and then gently tease these sections upwards to add more volume.


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We hope that these short hairstyles for women over 50 will give you some inspiration the next time that you visit the hairstylist. Check with your stylist to find out more about what will look good with your hair type and face shape.