20 Long Wavy Hairstyles for Girls – Stylish and Beautiful

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Girls: Long wavy hair is one of the most desirable hair types. Long hair, because of their texture, motion and volume, are versatile and can effectively be incorporated into various hairstyles to add a dramatic look. No matter how happening a pixie or a bob cut may look, long wavy hair are the classiest and never goes out of fashion.

Many girls are lucky enough to be born with long wavy hair. But, those who have flat, frizzy or curly hair can use curling rods and hair straighteners to achieving long wavy hair look. In fact, larger curls can be simply brushed to create long waves. Since, these soft long wavy tendrils of hair suit all kinds of face structures; they have been supported by a lot of celebrities, worldwide, at various events. Also take a look Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair and Short Haircuts for Curly Hair.

Whether you are at red carpet, or a wedding, or simply attending a family get-together, here are some hairstyle inspirations for long wavy hair to get the right look:

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Girls

Hair Colour or Highlights Haircuts:

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Girls 1

This is an excellent option for adding shine and glamour. Highlights or low lights, both should be placed in such a manner that they gently enhance the sway of the ways.

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