20 Blissful Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most wonderful days of your life. Therefore it is important that you look and feel your best. The perfect wedding hairstyle can help you to make sure that you feel amazing and full of confidence. Take a look through our list to get inspiration for wedding hairstyles for short hair.


Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Styling your own wedding hair can be a big risk because you will have so many other things to do on the morning of your wedding. Ask a friend or a professional hairstylist to do your hairstyle for you. They will help you to make sure that it looks wonderful.


#1: Side-Style with Soft Curls

curl wedding hairstyle for short hair

Part your hair at one side of your head to give your hair plenty of volume on the other side of your face. Use a curling iron to create a soft curl that opens up your face.

Shaved in Back Bob Hairstyle for Women


#2: Retro Glamor Wedding Hairstyle With Short Hair

Retro hairstyles for short hair

Retro hairstyles look really great for a wedding. Fold your hair underneath itself and then pin it up to create a bouncy bob.  Accessorise with a large flower clip.


#3: Chignon with Side Style

wedding hairstyle for short hair

For this wedding hairstyle, pull your hair up into a chignon bun at the rear of your hair. Leave a small section down at the front and style in some light curls. Pin the curls up at one side.


#4: Informal Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Use a beautiful hairclip or hair accessory to pull the top layers of your hair backward. Pin them loosely at the back of your head. Leave other sections of hair down to frame your face.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles


#5: Winter Crown

Wear a crown of winter berries, flowers, grasses and leaves for an autumn or winter wedding hairstyle. Match your crown up with your flower bouquet for added effect.


#6: Glamorous Curls with Brooch-Style Accessory

Big bouncy curls add glamor to a wedding hairstyle but can look too simple without an accessory. Pin some of your curls up and away from your face with a glamorous pearlescent brooch accessory.


#7: Simple Tiara

A simple tiara can complete any wedding hairstyle for short hair and will help to hold your hair in place throughout the day. The simple style will help to add to your beauty, rather than overshadowing your style.


#8: Boho Bob

A short, lightly feathered bob can be accessorized with a boho crown. A mixture of small and large flowers can be combined to give your crown a boho feel. This creates a really cute wedding hairstyle for short hair.

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#9: Large Flower and Small Veil

A large white flower looks good with a short hairstyle and creates a cute retro gothic look. A small face veil which only covers the eyes and forehead also adds to the mysterious glamor of this wedding hairstyle for short hair.


#10: Super Cute Bob with Fascinator

A cute bob is the perfect wedding hairstyle for women with short hair. A small and light fascinator accessory adds a touch of wedding glamor without being overwhelming.


#11: Retro Rolls with Glamorous Rose

women's wedding hairstyle for short hair

Create gorgeous barrel rolls on the top of your head by curling your hair around irons and then gently removing the tool. Pin these sections in place and then pin the rest of your hair back into a ponytail with a gorgeous rose accessory.


#12: 1920’s Style

1920’s wedding hairstyles can be recreated by pinning your hair up into a short faux bob. Complete the style with a simple accessory made from a string of pearlescent beads.


#13: Lady of the Manor

wedding hairstyles for short hair

A retro nobility look can be created by wearing a stiff, wide-brimmed hat instead of a veil or tiara. The wedding hairstyle itself should be short, lightly curled bob.


#14: Pixie Crop With Bright Accessory

Short hair can be hard to style for a wedding because the options are far more limited. Try using a bright and bold accessory to add extra flair to a pixie cut wedding hairstyle.


#15: Big Bold Rolled Curls

Large rolled curls add a timeless glamor to wedding hair. Create rolls like these by using a curling iron to create the shape. Gently remove the irons from the hair rolls and then pin into place.


#16: Soft Pinned Up Curls

Use curling irons to create gorgeous soft curls for your wedding hairstyle. Take small sections of curls and then pin them up with hair grips. Leave a few sections down to frame your face.


#17: Shaggy Bob with Soft Curls

For a more informal wedding hairstyle for short hair, you might want to consider a shaggy bob with soft curls. Give your bob more volume by brushing upwards from the roots of your hair.


#18: Bob with Voluminous Fringe

Voluminous Fringe for short hair

A voluminous fringe can create a gorgeous halo shape which frames your face. Use a simple headband to help you to create volume towards the front of your hairstyle.


#19: Colorful Flower Crown

Colorful wedding hairstyle for short hair

Why stick with just one color when you can choose a whole rainbow? Small colored flowers work really well together because they add lots of different splashes of color.


#20: Glamorous Flapper Girl

Glamorous Flapper wedding hairstyle for short hair

Curl the lower sections of your hairstyle and then pin them into a cheek length bob. Use a thick satin headband with large brooch accessory to complete the glamorous flapper girl style.

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Wedding hairstyles for short hair can be sexy, glamorous, boho or chic. The style which you choose will complement the rest of your wedding theme. If you don’t see the right choice here, you can check out some of our other wedding hairstyle lists on hairstylesout.com.