5 Fun Balayage Looks On Naturally Curly Hair

Have you noticed that more and more women with curly hair choose the balayage technique? I mean, how can they not when it seems like this technique was made exclusively for them. Natural and flirty is a look all women with curly hair strive for. Balayage does exactly that to the hair. The hairstylist will take your hair section by section and color the strands individually. The result is beautiful and subtly highlighted hair.


Why do so many women with curly hair choose balayage?

Women with beautiful curly hair choose balayage mostly because it’s the best way to spice up their often lifeless-looking hair. Curly hair is usually much drier than straight hair, so curly haired women usually spend lots of money on hair products. This is an option that will make their hair appear more healthy. And not only that. Since balayage is very low maintenance, they won’t be damaging it all the time. Another reason why curly haired women should try out balayage is that their hair will always look natural. Because of their curls, there will be no possibility that anyone will be able to notice that their hair is colored.


#1: Shh, No One Will Know

natural curly Balayage hairstyle for girl

What better way to test out if balayage is a hairstyle for you or not, then to pick only a few shades brighter hair color. Your natural curls will make the balayage even more seamless, so you don’t have to worry, you can easily go back to your old hair. Other than that, this is a gorgeously dark and mysterious hairstyle that will be flattering for naturally curly-haired women.

Bold and Big Poetic Justice Braids Styles


#2: A Good Old Casual Style

Casual balayage curly hairstyle

If you’re more of a laid back person with naturally curly hair, a simple bright balayage is great for you. It’ll make your hair get a new refreshed appearance without much effort. This will look especially cute on those with shorter hair because it’s usually really bouncy and fun. Wear it with neutral shades of makeup. Also, don’t forget those big earrings are a great way to spice this look up. And don’t you worry, big earrings never look tacky on short hair.


#3: Sun Kissed Hair

bright color curly hairstyle fo women

Draw attention to your charming natural curls by doing a balayage with a very bright color. The natural dark roots will look perfectly fine here, but only if blonde balayage is well blended into them. An experienced hair stylist will be able to do that in no time.


#4: Instagram Baddie

natural curly balayage hairstyle you love

Instagram baddie style is taking over, people! More and more women find inspiration for their style on different creative Instagram accounts. This just in, you do not have to perfectly straight hair for this style. A classic wavy hairstyle isn’t required either. Your naturally curly hair is perfectly fine for a bold balayage that will fit this style.


#5: Gorgeous Ginger

What better way to show the world how unique you are then by choosing a rusty color for your naturally curly ginger hair? The least intimidating way to do that is by doing the balayage technique. It’ll still appear as a natural hair color while keeping the dramatic look.

Colorful Bob Haircuts Shaved In Back


Balayage on naturally curly hair is a winning choice. Not only does it appear seamless and very natural, but it also refreshes your whole style. Whichever hair color you currently have, a balayage will surely take it to the next level.