5 Dazzling Balayage Ombre On Dark Hair Looks

What better way to make your dark hair stand out than to blend two trends together: balayage and ombre. Yes, both are great on their own, but putting them together creates a whole different appearance. To color your hair in ombre style means that the hair color will gradually blend from one to another. A balayage is a technique that involves applying hair color on individual hair strands with a brush or by hand. An ombre balayage will take your dark hair to a whole other level. You’ll have all the benefits of a gorgeous ombre with the seamless look a balayage creates.


What’s so special about ombre balayage on dark hair?

It can be, more difficult to refresh dark hair. While dark hair does look amazing on its own, when we add color to it, it’s harder to achieve that seamless look. A foolproof way to actually achieve that seamless look on dark hair is a balayage ombre. The roots of your hair will stay dark while the ends are going to stay fresh and bright for weeks. The watermark for ombre balayage is a perfectly subtle transition from darker to the brighter part of the hair.


#1: A Daredevil

ombre balayage on dark hairstyle for girl

You always go all the way. Why waste the opportunity to make the most out of a trend? The color that matches your personality the most is red, so you try to incorporate it into your style as much as possible. To pull off bright red balayage ombre on your dark hair, you’ll need to find an experienced hair stylist. This one can go really well or really bad. But when it’s done well, it’s going to be something dramatic and very unique.

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#2: Short And Mysterious

short ombre balayage on dark hairstyle

Add some witchiness to your style by choosing a gray tones balayage ombre for your dark hair. Gray hair colors are made to be blended with dark hair. This particular hairstyle is currently favored by so many younger women, and you can clearly see why, it’s stunning!


#3: Long And Perfect

Long ombre balayage on dark hairstyle you love

A caramel ombre balayage is a hairstyle every dark haired woman needs to try at least once. It’s a perfect way to kill the monotony that dark hair sometimes creates. It’s also a great way to see what your hair would look like if it was much brighter. If done properly you’ll be able to keep your hair fresh and bright for weeks without worrying about your dark roots ruining the look.


#4: Dark Brunettes Can Do This Too

blonde ombre balayage on dark hairstyle for girl

Who says that women with short dark hair can’t pull off blonde ombre balayage? I mean, look at this perfection here! Just goes to show what a well-trained hairstylist can do. It’s impossible for your dark hair to seem boring when styled like this.

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#5: Chic And Subtle

girl ombre balayage on dark hairstyle

If you usually stay away from any drama and like to keep your style simple, this one is for you. Add cool toned reddish ombre balayage to your dark hair and voila, your perfect hairstyle is created.


Whichever hairstyle you choose for your dark hair, an ombre balayage can take it to the next level. Its versatility is the main thing that draws women to try it out. We’re sure one of these styles is perfect just for you!