10 Bald Fade Haircuts With Awesome Beards – Trend in 2018

Is there anything more that would show off your amazing style than having a very bald fade haircut with a cool beard? The bald fade haircut is the number one popular hairstyle for men this year. How can it not be, it’s the most glamorous yet really easy to style. Add a beard to the equation and it can’t get much better than that. It just screams elegance and sharpness.


Why Choose This Combination?

While the bald fade haircuts are interesting on their own, beards to complete the whole look. Without the beard, the fade hairstyle cannot be as bald. With this combination, everyone will know that you find it important to have a great appearance. It shows that you’re not just messing around, you know exactly what you want to look like.


#1: A Rockstar

mens Bald Fade Haircuts With beard

A bald fade with long hair on top always appears edgier. Long hair signals a more laid-back personality and appearance. To still maintain a put together look, keep your beard short. To make it more rebellious, add some piercings and plugs. Of course, tattoos fit perfectly into this edgy style.

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#2: Short Hair Short Beard

Short Beard with bald fade hairstyle

Some men can’t grow out their beards too long. It doesn’t mean that they can’t pull this whole style out. The bald fade compliments the short beards really well. The hair on top should be styled with loads of hair gel. We recommend you also tell your hair stylist to make a razor lines a statement detail.


#3: Cool And Messy

Messy bald fade hairstyle

You’re not one of those men who like to keep their hair looking sharp. Who has time for that? Show off your chill personality by keeping the top of your hair wavy and messy, while shaving the sides in a bald fade hairstyle. Grow out your beard and just have fun without worrying about your appearance because this never goes out of style.


#4: A Sharp Look

beard with bald hairstyle for men

Some of us actually do care about presenting ourselves as men who care about their appearance. A geometrical hairstyle, as well as beard, will do the magic. Younger women especially love this style because it signals that a man is well put together. Add some killer accessories and you’ll look like a million dollars.


#5: Country Style

 fade haircut with long beard

Lumberjack style is coming back. It’s the best option that best combines a fade haircut with a beard. Keep the sides short, while the top of the hair should be symmetrical and just a little bit longer. Don’t worry about your beard. It can be as long as you want it to be.


#6: A Male Model

Many men in their twenties find it very important to maintain a great appearance. Yes, clothes do make you appear more luxurious and attractive, but that’s not enough. A bald fade haircut will make everyone see how handsome you really are. Of course, a man with a beard takes that to the next level.

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#7: The Cool Guy

We all know who’s the biggest player: it’s you of course. Symmetry is your best friend when it comes to style. Everything has to be absolutely perfect. You don’t mind spending a lot of money in order to keep your bald fade haircut perfect. Your beard is also always perfectly styled. When you look like this, dramatic accessories are allowed. So, go and buy yourself a perfect pair of black sunglasses and your look is complete.


#8: Easy And Simple

Why complicate things? Why spend so much time styling your hair when you can spend that time living the adventure. If that’s your attitude on life, then this variation of fade is great for you. The hair should be kept fairly short and the sides freshly shaved. Yes, you should grow out your beard, but not too long.


#9: Like A Million Dollars

This one is for real men, not for boys. Great for men in their thirties, it goes really well with their work-oriented lifestyle. When wearing suits you can’t just wear our hair whatever it looks like that day. You’ve got to make sure it fits the rest your clothes. Use some hair gel and slick it to the side, so that the fade on the sides is visible. Maintain your beard medium length.


#10: Rebellious

mustache with twist bald fade hairstyle

If you’re feeling rebellious, go for a very bald fade. If that’s not enough, grow your mustache and twist and shape it. It’ll make you appear more masculine and attractive. If you’ve got tattoos on your head, with this bald fade you can easily show them off.

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We can’t imagine a better combination that a bald fade haircut with a beard. This combination can create a whole variety of different looks. That’s why both men who spend a lot of time investing in their appearance and those who don’t do that, choose this. So, just pick one of these styles and hit the hair salon.