7 Bold and Big Poetic Justice Braids Styles

Big Poetic Justice braids are braids which are longer or thicker than normal. These braids are named after the Poetic Justice movie, which helped to make the hairstyle more famous. Although the hairstyle had been worn for centuries, the film helped to make thousands of people feel more aware of the look.


The Best Things about Big Poetic Justice Braids

Poetic Justice braids really help to protect the natural hair from straightening and heat products. Once they have been put in place, the wearer is required to do very little maintenance to upkeep them. Braiding this type of extension into your own hairstyle will give you a lot of opportunities to try out new styles without drastically changing your natural haircut.


#1: Silver and Black

Silver black Big Poetic Justice Braids hairstyle

Look like royalty by mixing silver colored strands into your Poetic Justice braids. Silver hair creates an eye-catching contrast compared to the rest of your black hair.

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#2: Signature Strands

Big Poetic Justice Braids hairstyle for black girl

If you want to maintain the overall color of your hairstyle, you can still jazz things up a bit by adding a few signature braids. Choose a color that really suits your style and personality.


#3: Rolled Bangs

bang Big Poetic Justice Braids hairstyle

Roll your bangs upwards and backward to help to keep your braided hair out of your face. Pin it in place to give the look an extra element of style.

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#4: Side Parting

Side Big Poetic Justice Braids hairstyle for women

Putting a side parting into your hair is a great way to change the style and shape of any haircut. A side parting also helps to give long straight hairstyles a more modern look.


#5: Top Knot with Beads

top knot with Big Poetic Justice Braids hairstyle

A top knot is a classic hairstyle for African-American women. Pulling your hair up into a knot will help to keep it out of your eyes. The beading will help to give an extra flair to the hairstyle.


#6: Colored Braids

Big Poetic Justice Braids

Show off a little bit of your personality by choosing colored braids for your hair. If you have synthetic hair extensions, you can choose to have any color that you want put into your hair.


#7: Microbraids

Big Poetic Justice Braids

Microbraids are braids which are very light and thin. This type of braiding takes much longer to do because all of the braids are so delicate. It also takes much longer to braid a full head of hair.

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Poetic Justice braids can be worn by anyone, not just Afro-Caribbean women. However, there are plenty of other hairstyles for those who do not want braided extensions. We have plenty of other hairstyle lists for you to check out on our cool website.