14 Simplified Haircuts for Black Men [2018]

Choosing black men haircuts can be very difficult because a lot of hairstyle lists do not take into account that black men have a very different hair type. Afro-textured hair behaves very differently from other hair types. It is normally coarser and wirier than other hair types. It also grows more slowly, meaning that people have to choose a hairstyle which will last.Also look at our other posts like Male hairstyles for big noses,Male Hairstyles For Semi Curly Hair,Male Hairstyles For Long Narrow Faces


Variety in Black Men Haircuts

Despite the fact that black male hair is so unique, there is still a lot of opportunity for variety. Men can still choose short, medium and long hairstyles for black men. There are very neat styles and styles which are a lot more rugged. We will show you all of this variety with our list.


#1: High Top with Beard

High Top with Beard for black men

A high top style with a beard is a brilliant twist on an 80’s classic look. Keep the edges of your hairstyle lined up with the angles of your face. A thick beard adds extra intensity.


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#2: Corkscrew Curls with Height

Corkscrew Curls with Height black men haircut

Corkscrew curls are a cool natural hairstyle for black men. Keep growing your style upwards but trim around the edges


#3: Beaded Dreads

Beaded Dreads Black Men Haircuts

Short dreads look good when they are accessorized with small beads. The beads helped to give the dreads more movement, as well as adding visual interest. Try a selection of different beads.


#4: Groomed Style with Tramline

Groomed Style with Tramline

Break up your hairstyle a bit by using a razor to cut tramlines into your hairstyle. These sharp lines help to add more angles to short hairstyles for black men.


#5: Classic Afro

Classic Afro

One of the most popular black men’s haircuts is the Afro. These haircuts can be as big and bold as you dare. Smaller Afro haircuts tend to hold their shape a little bit better.


#6: Asymmetrical Style

Asymmetrical Style For Black Men

For an unusual and different haircut for black men, cut your hair in a really asymmetrical style. A clear Tramline will help to separate the sections from one another.


#7: Pineapple

Black men haircuts can be given extra height by pulling the hair up onto the top of the head. Secure your hair with a tight elastic and then fan out your dreadlocks to create a cool stylized pineapple shape.


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#8: Afro with Beard

Afro with Beard

Seamlessly blend curves and angles by teaming up a classic Afro hairstyle with a thick beard. You can trim the beard to make your jawline look more pronounced.


#9: Caramel Haircut

Caramel Haircut

A caramel colored haircut will really help you to stand out from the crowd. In order to get this eye-catching color of hair, you may need to bleach your hair.


#10: Dreads in a Low Pony

Dreads in a Low Pony

Give your dreads a professional edge by securing them into a low ponytail. Use a hair elastic near to the nape of your neck. Wrap a few dreads around the elastic to make it looks as though the knot has been created with your hair.


#11: High and Tight

High and Tight

For a clean and smart black men haircut, try a high and tight style. This look was popularized by the US military, but it is an ideal choice because it suits every different face shape.


#12: The Blues Black Men Haircuts

The Blues Black Men Haircuts

Try something a little bit different by coloring your hair with different shades of blue. If you are not a fan of blue colors, then you could try creating a hairstyle with shades of your favorite color instead.


#13: Long Dreadlocks

Long Dreadlocks


Long dreadlocks are a classic black man’s hairstyle. At one point in time, dreadlocks were considered to be unkempt, but the hairstyle is now accepted as a special cultural hair choice.


#14: Uneven Afro Haircuts

Uneven Afro Haircuts

An uneven Afro hairstyle takes much less maintenance than a hairstyle which is neatly manicured and perfectly rounded. This is a classic choice for men who prefer a rugged black men haircut.


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We hope that we have given you a lot of different choices for your next hairstyle. You can show our pictures to your hairstylist to help you to get the perfect black men haircuts at your next styling appointment.