10 Blonde Ombre Hair Effects – Add Some Life to Your Hair

Two tone hair looks fantastic when it has been done correctly. Blonde ombre hair is one example of a hair styling technique which mixes up two or more hair colors. Blending color in this way can help to change the texture and depth of the hairstyles so that it looks really special and different. Each ombre style is completely unique.


Blonde Ombre Hairstyles

Dyed hair always needs special treatment if you want it to continue to look fabulous. Use special color care shampoo and conditioner to treat your locks, so that the color continues to look vibrant. Remember that the look will change and develop as your natural hair continues to grow. You may need to touch up the color of your roots to keep the style looking perfect.


#1: Fire and Ice

Red and blonde go well together, so it makes sense that a blonde ombre style with red hair color should look really great. Deep red colors help to give the style a classy touch.


#2: Platinum Tips

Sandy blonde hair can blend into bright platinum tips. The platinum color helps to give any haircut a slightly futuristic and modern twist.


#3: Big Soft Waves

Ombre coloring helps to enhance big soft waves. Keep your hair a darker color up until the point where the waves start and then lighten the color to reflect the change in texture.


#4: Voluminous Fringe

Give your style a retro edge by boosting your bangs at the front section of your hedge. Roll your fringe up and over, and then pin it in place to give your style a voluminous fringe.


#5: Strong Transition

A strong transition between two colors can have the maximum effect in an ombre hairstyle. Changing quickly from dark roots to bright blonde tips will create a really eye-catching look that turns heads.


The journey of A Brunett to A Blonde


#6: Boho Beach Hair

Ombre hairstyling can help to give beach hair an additional sunkissed look. Soft tousled waves are a very popular hairstyle for women who love the beach, surfing and other watersports.


#7: Gentle Waves

Gentle waves offer a perfect low maintenance hairstyle for women who prefer to just get up and go. Light layering around the face can help to give this cut a beautiful shape.


#8: Half-Up, Half-Down

Create different shapes and textures in your hair by pulling half of it up and leaving half of it down. Secure one section high up at the rear of your head to create extra volume.


#9: Glamorous Curls

Large soft curls create a really glamorous look. Use curling irons to make big curls and then brush your hair once or twice to soften them up.


#10: Long Layers

Long straight hair looks incredibly glamorous. Long layering around the face and at the front of the style helps to give straight hair a lot more shape.


Blonde Balayage Hair for Elegant Look


Blonde ombre hair looks fantastic, but you can also try out ombre styling with a lot of other colors instead. Check out some of our other hairstyle lists to see ombre hair techniques with other hair colors. We also have loads of other lists with other hair styling techniques.