7 Mesmerising Bob Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

Bob haircuts for thick wavy hair have never looked this stunning. The popular bob haircut is usually thought as a ”mom hair” but don’t let that fool you. You can style anything and everything, it is all about the way you pair it up. If you are a woman who has naturally thick and wavy hair you are in good luck. Many women actually struggle with thin and brittle hair, as well as flat and straight hair. If you are that lucky to have extra thick, voluminous and naturally curly hair you should embrace it.


Bob Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

These 7 styles will make you fall in love and will leave you breathless. If you are looking for a new hairstyle to get you may love these. Naturally thick and flowy, these wavy hairstyles will suit you and at the same time look very smart, fresh and sexy.


#1: Paris Charm

women Bob haircuts for thick wavy hair

A bright red lip with an all white outfit will easily make you a centerpiece. Some Parisian charm can be spotted if you put on a pair of sunglasses and pair them up with a bright lipstick. Women who wear their hair thick and wavy will definitely love these solid colors. Don’t forget to add jewelry, since it will make you look and feel like a walking art.


Hairstyle for Women with Big Nose


#2: Actress In Me

black Bob haircuts for thick wavy hair

You remember how those old Hollywood actresses used to have bob haircuts and thick wavy hair? That was a thing during the 60’s, and luckily for us, it is still a trend. You can not go unnoticed if you go with a wavy bob. People will look at you like you’ve just shot a black and white movie, and guess what? They will adore you.


#3: Light Curls

Light Curly Bob haircuts for thick wavy hair

If you are a fan of softer curls you will still be able to look chic. You don’t have to have mad curls in order to look appealing. Men sometimes like subtle looks and subtle light bob curls.


#4: Model Look

professional Bob haircuts for thick wavy hair

You have probably noticed that models often have this type of a hairstyle on the runway. But you should know that they have a whole team of professional hairdressers to help them out. Many of them are not born with naturally rich and thick hair, so they got to use a lot of styling gels and creams. This goes out to you as well. If you are wishing to have these thick bob wavy curls you can! A proper tool or two or at least a salon visitation will make your curls a hit.


#5: Short and Sweet

Bob haircuts for thick wavy hair

#6: Ballerina Vibe

#7: Simplicity at It’s Best