Top 5 Colorful Bob Haircuts Shaved In Back

Bob haircuts with shaved back are sometimes a style which men tend to get more than women. But not on our list! Here we have the top 5 amazing looks that only women will be able to pull off! If you love brave and bold hairstyles you will easily get hooked as well. So watch out since the shaved back hairstyle can sweep you off of your feet.


5 Bob Haircuts With Shaved Back

Bob haircuts have been around with us for more than 100 years, but a shaved version? This is something the latest, that only the bravest ones will dare to wear. Bob haircut with a shaved back is something you’ve probably spotted on Pink or even Miley Cyrus. They are big stars who are always setting us some new trends and are not afraid to show off their edgy styles. So in case you want to be a trend setter then keep on reading!


#1: Blue Dramatic Cut

Blue color Bob haircuts with shaved back

This dramatically shaved back and perfectly colored blue hair is a true example of art. Women who dare to look like this should go to their best hairdresser in town! You should never let someone play around with your hair, and especially when the task is this tricky. Always do your internet research and you will be safe.

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#2: Mysterious Highlights

Highlight Bob haircuts with shaved back

Some green and blue mysterious highlights have never looked better. If you are down to get a short bob haircut with a shaved back and would like a pop of color, this design is for you. It is really short but edgy at the same time. You will not spend a lot of time styling it, but more when it comes to dying. However, you will see it is worth the dying process once you see the results. Also, let’s not forget the fact that your friends will be super jealous of your new hair.

#3: Light Ombre

#4: Burgundy Shaved Back

#5: Light BlondeĀ