10 Colorful Brown Balayage Looks -There’s Nothing Lackluster About These

To the people who put down brunette locks as lackluster or dull, we dare you to check out the following brown balayage hairstyles. There’s no way you won’t change your opinion. Brown is a rich, complicated spectrum. It runs the gamut between extremely light shades that are almost blonde to deep mocha hues that verge on black. You don’t have to settle for dirt brown or mouse brown. Aren’t you a little excited to experiment?


10 Brown Balayage Examples That Prove Brunettes Have More Fun

The only way blondes have more fun is if they add some brown balayage to their hair. No fake. Dynamic shades of caramel, milk chocolate, and golden brown add a variety of highlights and lowlights to any base shade. You can light up your entire pretty head with the right hue. See for yourself!


1. Light Brown Balayage

Light Brown Balayage hair color for girl

Brown on brown balayage is quite common, but although it sounds uninteresting, the mixture of two contrasting hues is a show-stopper. Even if your natural hair is a medium shade of brunette, you can introduce glossy golden brown streaks and double or triple your dimension.

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2. Caramel on Brunette

 Brown Caramel Balayage hair color you love

Dying to turn heads? Turn your hair into the perfect sundae confection. All you need are some glittering caramel streaks atop a milk or dark chocolate brown base. Caramel is warmer and easier to tone than blonde, plus just look at the way it mixes.


3. Going Blonde

Blonde Brown Balayage hair color idea

Still, blonde is an excellent shade to layer on top of brown hair. The bleach takes quite easily, particularly if you’re going in with natural rather than color-treated hair. Even if you’ve dyed your locks, you can still grab onto a little bit of blonde ambition for yourself.


4. Gradual Ombre

Ombre with Brown Balayage hairstyle

It’s no surprise that brown balayage lends itself well to the ombre effect, especially when you’re basically layering brown on brown. This is the technique to choose when you want a low-key change that doesn’t require a ton of commitment or upkeep.


5. Barely Balayage

dark brown balayage

Here’s another understated example of balayage on brown hair. There’s such a subtle variation between the shades that you have to look close to see the streaks. A light touch like this leads to an aura of brightness.


6. Cinnamon Swirl

light brown balayage

The red tones in this hairstyle are absolutely to-die-for. It’s not a lot of red, it just the faintest hint, but observe the way it brightens her hair. If we had to pick, we’d say this balayage is almost copper. Whatever it is, we love it.


7. Sugar-Spun Tips

 natural Brown Balayage hairstyle for women

The brown balayage pictured here is less brown, more blonde—blonde on brown, that is. Since the stylist paints on the bleach with a brush, getting a natural highlighting pattern like this is effortless.


8. Go for Gold

Brown Balayage

How gorgeous are these golden brown strands? Notice the way they brighten the hair. Notice, too, how the gold is more concentrated toward the end. That takes precision.


9. Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Balayage hair color for young girl

The silky milk chocolate streaks of color on a mocha and dark chocolate base stand out just enough to draw attention to these Boho waves. Who says you have to have an extreme color contrast to pull off a signature hairstyle?


10. Toasted Balayage

balayage brown hair

Here’s another example of subtle brown balayage. The colour of the streaks is primarily a warm, toasty almond shade, but some strands are almost blonde.


What’s the brown balayage of your dreams? Do you go for subtle highlights or are you after a more eye-catching color?