7 Stunning Blonde Balayage Looks for Brunettes

It’s really simple: if you want to have more fun with your brown hair, do a blonde balayage. So many celebrities have chosen that hairstyle, why shouldn’t you? Balayage is a technique that was widely used in the 70’s by Parisian women. The blonde hair color will be applied by hand or by a brush on individual strands of your hair. Gorgeous brown hair with blonde balayage has already become a classic hairstyle that so many women choose to have. And who can blame them? Not only does it look so flattering for simple brown hair, but it’s also such a versatile style.


Why Is Blonde Balayage Perfect For Brunettes?

Of course, there are no rules in this game. You’re free to choose any color combination that fits your preferences. Blonde balayage is a great pick since it’s not too dramatic or too subtle for brunettes. If you’re afraid to go from being a brunette to a blonde because it’s a big transition, this is a great alternative. You’ll get to test out if blonde hair is actually for you. If not, you’ll be left with gorgeous natural looking balayage.


#1: Nobody Like You

brown Blonde Balayage hairstyle

You’re the “It” girl. All eyes are always on you. How can they not be when you’re always so flawless? You’ve probably tried many different hairstyles and hair colors, so now you’re ready for a change. Blonde balayage will go perfectly well with your elegant brown hair and your glorious style.

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#2: Bright And Gorgeous

Gorgeous Blonde Balayage haircut for girl

Are you one of those people who smile at strangers? The world definitely needs more people like you. Make your smile appear even brighter and more noticeable by doing blonde balayage on your brown hair. Bright colors go perfectly with your bright personality.


#3: A Walk Around The City

young women Blonde Balayage hairstyle

You simply don’t understand people who walk around the city in their regular clothes. You have a rule: whenever you leave your home you have to look fabulous. Your brown hair already makes you look more sophisticated, why not add some glamor to your appearance with blonde balayage?


#4: Fresh Off The Runway

 Blonde Balayage hairstyle for girl

So many models right now have various types of blonde balayage. It looks flirty and it compliments their overall effortless look. Play around with colors and find your perfect shade of blonde.


#5: Let Her Be Wild

natural Blonde Balayage hairstyle

Messy short brown hair is all the rage this year. Everyone’s going for that wild, natural look. Why not add some extra danger to your style with subtle blonde balayage?


#6: Ready For Work

 Blonde Balayage

No matter how tired you might be in the morning, those curls always have to look their best. A warm tone blonde balayage is a great choice for you. It’ll make your natural brown hair look lively and fresh.


#7: Pure And Precious

Long Blonde Balayage brown hairstyle

Long and gorgeous wavy hair is something we all wanted to have at some point. It’s great for festivals and parties in general. Transform your hair with blonde balayage that almost goes all the way to your brown roots.

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Blonde balayage on brunettes is such a versatile style. Women who like going to festivals can rock it just as well as business women. It’s a great way make anyone’s hair appear more lively and bouncy, which is what we all want, isn’t it?