7 Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair That You’ll Love

Women who have black hair love to wear a bun more often than you’d think. There is just something that is so timeless and effortless when it comes to this style. If tied up right it can look like a statement piece for a runway show, and we all know how stunning those models are. So, if you want to be as charming as a model make sure you make yourself a tight little bun.


Top 7 Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

Sometimes styling black thick curly hair demands a wide knowledge about all of the hair products. Women who love their naturally curly hair should embrace a bun look. If you want to go for the hot famous Instagram baddie style just make sure you choose one of our 7 hairstyles.


#1: Thick Bun

Thick Bun Bun Hairstyles For Black women

This thick bun for black hair looks like something Nicki Minaj would love to wear in her music videos. The hair is tied up super high and so tight that you can be assured that it won’t move around. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will stay on forever this is the one.

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#2: School Material

young women bun for black hairstyle

If you are still at school or college you will adore rocking this hairstyle to your classes. You will probably end up as a trend setter at your school, and people will copy your hairstyle. If you are all about bold statements and setting the trends just go for this idea!


#3: High End

bun for black hairstyle you love

Even models and superstars would settle with this look. It can be perfect for a casual photo shoot, or even a wild Safari like one. This little bun has been well made, so make sure you have a good hairdresser when recreating this. Or who knows, maybe you can do it yourself. Just be ready to spend 30 minutes or so into styling it properly.


#4: Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian bun for black hairstyle

Even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West are loving the bun hairstyle with her black hair. Kim is well known for her amazing sense of style and fashion which is off the charts. If she is proudly rocking this bun let her be your inspiration that you can do it too.


#5: A Muse

Bold colors everywhere should be your go-to option if you have your hair tied up. When people can see your face clearly you can easily play around some more with your makeup. Add more vibrant and hot colors to make your face pop. If you are worried about people staring don’t be! Fashion and style are all about being bold and brave. And always remember that the beauty is in the eyes of a beholder.


#6: Ready For Work

The bun hairstyle for black hair can be worn at the office as well. This girl is showing us that you can look very classy and business-ready with the bun. Just pair it up with a nice, clean and smart outfit. Bold colors are in and look the best on women with darker skin.


#7: Super Cute

curly bun hairstyle for black hair

And last but not least, if you are going for a simple yet a cute style this is it. You don’t have to wear a bunch of makeup and just let your bun speak for you. It is your main accessory that everyone will adore and love.

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The hottest bun ideas that you will adore are mentioned in the text above. What is your favorite one? We believe that they are all pretty in their own way and that you will definitely enjoy them as your new hairstyle.