5 Luxurious Caramel Balayage On Black Hair Looks

Parisian women with black hair have been rocking their caramel balayage for years. Are you ready to do the same? Balayage hair is becoming a worldwide trend now probably because it’s so versatile. Whether you want to add caramel color on your black hair in a subtle or dramatic way, it’s all doable with balayage. The hair colorist will paint individual sections of your hair with bleach. Foils are not used here, so it’s easier to achieve a natural sun kissed looking hair.


Is balayage long lasting?

Apart from the fact that it looks flawless, its longevity is one of the reasons why many women choose balayage. Women with black hair¬†usually have more trouble maintaining colored hair. So, if they want caramel color in their hair, it’s best that they do balayage. The process of the hair coloring usually lasts around two hours after which you’ll have flawless hair even for 10 weeks. That’s because the hair dye is usually much stronger than the regular one. After that, it’s recommended you re color it. But, the good thing about balayage hair is that it appears very natural on black hair and there are no harsh regrowth lines. So, if you miss your appointment at the salon you don’t have to worry too much.


#1: Natural Waves

 Caramel Balayage On Black Hairstyle for men

Caramel balayage on black hair is all about the sun-kissed and effortless look. That’s why styling it the way it naturally falls is perfect for this whole style. This is great because you won’t be using extra heat on your hair, but it’ll still look amazing. Were you born with those subtle caramel highlights? Nobody will know.

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#2: So Silky

Silky Caramel Balayage black hairstyle

Caramel balayage is great for black hair since it sometimes may appear lifeless on its own. But, sometimes that’s not enough in order to achieve that flawless look you want. To refresh your hair use some hair oils to make it seem silkier. We recommend argan and coconut oil.


#3: Let’s Keep It Short

Short Caramel balayage black hairstyle

Breathe new life into your black hair by keeping it shorter. Then add brighter caramel color balayage. Does it get better than that? Your hair will appear more bouncy and lively. And if you want your black hair to appear less formal and more youthful, just add some accessories.


#4: Straight

caramel balayage black hairstyle for girl

A formal look is the easiest to achieve with straight black hair, but that’s so boring sometimes. The best way to break the monotony is to add subtle caramel balayage. It’ll enhance the natural shine of the hair while still maintaining that formal appearance. Small changes really do make a big difference!

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#5: Mega Volume

Very long black hair needs volume like we need air! Otherwise, it’s going to look lifeless. Create huge volume with big waves. Add caramel balayage for added intensity. This goes really well with warm and dark colored makeup. You’ll seem so dangerous and flirty.


Long black hair is a classic, it’s flattering for most women. But, don’t get trapped by thinking you can’t have fun with it. Play around with balayage until you find a shade that fits the color of your natural hair perfectly. Maybe the caramel shade is your perfect match.