7 Super Chick Poetic Justice Braids That Are on Fleek

Are you a fan of the poetic justice braids? Let’s be real, who isn’t? Not only that women of color are wearing them, but lately everyone has been up on this trend. Did you know that it was actually Janet Jackson who inspired women worldwide into wearing this hairstyle a lot more? She slayed it in 1990’s and actually looked flawless. These braids are relatively new looking, so you may even be a trendsetter if you arrive at an event with them on. If you are all about perfect braids and hip styles, continue reading our article.


Gracious Poetic Justice Braids


Go to your hairdresser and show her a picture of one of our braid ideas. You can get your inspiration almost everywhere, but you should stick around with us. After all, we have these 7 stylishly looking poetic justice braids.


#1: Model Like

nice poetic justice braids hairstyle for girl

When your makeup looks this bomb you got to have an adequate hairstyle with it as well! Women who are loving bold eyes, lips, colors in general, and funky hairstyles should get these braids. You will look this bomb and irresistible and it won’t take you too much time to achieve it.


Big Poetic Justice Braid for Women


#2: Hipster Braids

Hipster poetic justice braids hairstyle for girl

Women who are wearing glasses will look chic as well with the justice poetic braids. But also you will look a little hipstery as well. In case that is not the look, you are going for just apply a little bit more of makeup onto your face. No one can resist a lady that has her makeup game on point, hot braids, and a sexy little pair of glasses.


#3: Queen B

poetic justice braids

Queen B is our fashion idol, as well as our role model. We all know her song which goes ”Who runs the world? Girls!” So you should let that quote inspire you with your goals. No matter if they are super big or super small, as this one for your upcoming hairdo. Just be reminded that you can do whatever, wherever and that you are in control of your actions.


#4: Short and Sassy

black girl poetic justice braids hair

Even if your hair is short, don’t let that stop you from having the poetic justice braids. They are perfect for any type of hair length, age, skin color, or hair color. If you are loving it you should embrace it. Just be prepared to spend extra hours sitting in that chair while the hairdresser is creating this master piece.


#5: Music Video

#6: Colorful Hairstyle

#7: Pick It Up