7 Chic Short Bob Haircuts For Black Hair

Women with darker hair, especially those with black hair should try a short bob at least once. While their black hair shows off their elegance, short bob will make them look even fancier. Of course, there’s not just one right way to style short bob, there are plenty. If you have black hair you really can’t go wrong with styling your short bob. This is a well known classic look that everyone will recognize as stylish.


Short Bob Haircut Is Revolutionary

Did you know that until the 20s it was found upon to have short hair? Long hair represented femininity so women kept it long no matter what. Then, more and more people adopted a more rebellious mentality and short bob was starting to become more popular. Nowadays, so many women choose short bob haircut. Some of them do it because of convenience and some because of its versatility. Short bob on black hair is still a classic look, even a hundred years after it first became popular. Of course, now we have some very unique twists to the classic black short bob look.


#1: Blunt Bob

Chic Short Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Let’s keep it simple. In a world where everyone is trying out new and crazy haircuts, you can easily look unique by getting a simple short blunt bob and coloring your hair black. A middle parting is recommended here because it will emphasize the clear straight cut. Maintain the fresh look by going to the hairstylist more often. Your hair ends should be kept healthy. If you’re a woman who likes the minimalistic look, then this style is definitely for you!

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#2: Angled Bob

classic Short Bob Hairstyle for women

Who doesn’t love a sharp angled bob? It’s such a classic look that many businesswomen adore. If you keep your hair short and color it black, elegance is guaranteed. Short angled bob will frame your face really well. You really don’t have to worry too much about the accessories when you have this hairstyle. A simple chic neckless will do the magic. You’re now ready to conquer the business world and you’ll look fabulous while doing that.


#3: Fabulous Bangs

women Short Bangs Haircut

Add a little twist to the good old bob haircut with these fabulous bangs. With a short bob and black hair, it’s really easy to create that dark, vampy look which is so attractive. Apply some dark, vampy lipstick to add more drama to this whole style. To make it look more playful style your hair look slightly wavy. This is also a great way to liven up black hair which can sometimes look monotonous.


#4: Playful Business Woman

professional black Bob hairstyle

A short bob on black hair looks very professional which is why many business women choose to have it. But let’s be real, we don’t always have to look so serious while doing our jobs. Don’t let the mundane everyday routines kill your creativity. Smudge your hair to get more volume. Tuck one side of the hair behind the ear. Maybe even wear statement earrings. It’s really easy to add a huge twist to this look without it looking too far out.

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#5: Kleopatra

short bob black hairstyle

The first style that comes to mind when we mention short bob on black hair will always be the famous Kleopatra haircut. It frames the face perfectly and it suits every face shape. While short bob is usually not recommended for women with round faces, Kleopatra haircut emphasizes their round faces beautifully. Style your hair so that it looks silky and straight. Add some hair gel to make it stand out even more.


#6: Crazy Volume

Every woman wants to look glamorous and what better way to achieve that than with bob haircut. When you keep your hair short it’ll be easier to create a crazy big volume. Black hair is a perfect option here because it shows off the big volume the best. Black hair is also a sign of maturity and luxury. So, put those high heals on and show everyone how fabulous you are. Don’t be afraid to wear dramatic makeup, it goes perfectly with this whole look.


#7: Keep It Short

short bob black hairstyle for women

If you thought that bob hairstyle is only for women who want to look serious then you were wrong. Cut your bob even shorter and color your hair black. A flirtatious and bouncy look is guaranteed. Basically, really short bob is a perfect hairstyle for you to experiment a lot. Want your hair to appear silkier? No problem, just a little hair gel will do the job. Want to make it appear messy? Great, just curl it a bit and then smudge it. It’s such a fun haircut to have. You really can’t go wrong with this one.


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One of the many short bob haircuts will definitely be able to breathe new air into your black hair. Which one will it be? Well, that’s up to you to decide. Either way, remember to have fun while experimenting with these hairstyles.