15 Cool and Funky Crochet Box Braids

Crochet box braids are a type of braid which is attached to your natural hair via special “crochet hooks”. Many women choose crochet braids because they are a lot easier to put in and take out than other types of extension are. Crochet braids are available from most good hairstylists or via internet hair sellers.


Choosing Crochet Box Braids Instead of Natural Hair

Although natural hairstyles are great, many women will choose crochet braids or extensions instead. This is because extensions allow women to have a lot more choices about what they do with their hairstyle. Crochet box braids can be taken out and replaced with a different style if they are no longer wanted. There are lots of different braid colors, lengths and thicknesses to choose from. Extensions and crochet braids give women a lot of flexibility.


#1: Black and Brown

Crochet Box Braids for Women

Two-tone crochet box braids look really cool on women because the mixed colors help to create a textured look. Brown and black colors work really well together in chin length braids.


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#2: Mauve

Crochet Box Braids hairstyle for women

Mauve hair color looks really effective on women who have naturally dark hair. Ask your stylist to braid long mauve crochet extensions into your natural hair to give a dark and brooding look.


#3: Long and Thin Braids

long and thin box braids for women

Long and thin box braids are a great choice for people who want lighter long hairstyles. Thinner crochet box braids have far more movement than thicker braids have.


#4: Chunky Braids

Chunky Braids Hairstyle for Women

Chunky braids are heavier and more weighty than thin braids are. They are a good choice if you really want to show off the box braid effect.


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#5: Thin Braids in a Twisted High Bun

Create an authentic African-inspired hairstyle by twisting your braids together and then knotting them around to create a high top bun. This looks stylish and helps to contain the braided strands.


#6: Triple Threat

For an amazing “triple threat” hairstyle, choose three different colors of hair to braid together. Using three different colors will really help your braiding to stand out and look more textured.


#7: Half-Up Style with a High Pony

Keep your hair out of your eyes by pulling the front sections of your hairstyle up into a high pony at the top of your head. Leave the back sections of your hairstyle hanging free and loose.


#8: Traditional Headscarf

Cover up your crochet box braids with a traditional colorful headscarf. These scarfs are light and airy and will help you to protect your hairstyle when it is really hot weather.


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#9: Caramel Color

Caramel colored braids look fabulous on women with a darker skin tone. This color of hair is favored by a lot of pop stars and models because it is so eye-catching.


#10: Tapered Style

Use your braids to frame your face by tapering your style around your chin and jawline. Shorter sections of hair will create a framing effect.


#11: Signature Strands

Signature Strands Crochet Box Braids

Integrate a few crochet box braids of different colors into your hairstyle to create signature strands. Choose whatever color you want to use to express your personality.


#13: Fiery Copper Hair

Fiery Copper Crochet Box Braids foe Women

Copper colored box braids create a passionate look for women with darker skin tones. For a regal look, team copper braids up with purple or blue make-up and clothing.


#14: High Pony

Crochet Box Braids for Women

To create a cool popstar style with your box braids, pull the braids onto the top of your head and give a sharp twist. Secure your hair up with a hair elastic to create a high pony.


#15: Cleopatra Rings

Cleopatra Rings Hairstyle for Women

Add a touch of bling to your hairstyle by fixing gold Cleopatra rings onto your braids. These small gold rings can be attached at intervals to give your style a bit of sparkle.


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Although crochet box braids are great for people who want to change up their hairstyle, there are a lot of different types of extension available. Take a look at some of our other lists to find the right hairstyle for your needs.