10 Fabulous Crochet Braids With Kanekalon Hair

What better way to boost your crochet braids than with kanekalon hair? Yes, crochet braids are made with fake hair, and yes, it still looks real and natural. The accent should be on the hair looking natural. First, you need to cornrow the hair and then apply the extensions to those cornrows. Fake hair is loose, in contrast to the weaves where the hair is weft. You need to loop the crochet hair under the cornrows with a special crochet needle. Then all you need to do it secure it with a knot. The best way to achieve that is by using kaneklaon hair. It’s the best quality fake hair you can find on the market.


Why having crochet braids with kanekalon hair is a great idea?

Most importantly, it gives your hair a break it probably needs. That’s the number one reason why crochet braids with kanekalon hair is perfect for damaged hair. If you’re one of those women who love DIYs, choose this as your next challenge. Even if you don’t do the cornrows perfectly, don’t worry because they’ll be covered. You can create crochet braids in around 2-3 hours, and after that, you’ll look fabulous for weeks! So, it really does pay off to try it out. If you choose kanekalon hair you’ll definitely save money, since it’s really cheap.


#1: Long And Blonde

Long Crochet Braids With Kanekalon Hairstyle

If you’re a free spirit, this one is for you. Blonde hair color is a youthful and fun in itself. Add extremely long kanekalon hair to it and make crochet braids to take you look to the next level. You can even highlight a few strands of hair to make it more interesting. Nature inspired jewelry with this hairstyle is a perfect choice.

Bold and Big Poetic Justice Braids Styles


#2: Funky Afro

Funky Afro Crochet Braids With Kanekalon Haircut

The easiest way to achieve that extremely high volume look is to add short kanekalon hair to the crochet braids. Then just make a center parting and watch your hair just being fabulous.


#3: Long Layered Afro

 Afro Braids With Kanekalon Hairstyle for girl

For extra drama, combine short and long kanekalon hair and create the layered crochet braids hairstyle. It’s a perfect casual everyday look.