10 Exceptional Curly Hair Undercut Ideas For Men to Catch The Limelight

Undercut hairstyle is something that looks super attractive on men. But many men, who have curly hair, are worried about getting their hair shaved. They mainly feel insecure about the growth of baby curly hairs, but it shouldn’t be like that. Let the next 10 curly hair undercuts convince you.


10 Curly Hair Undercuts

Undercut hairstyle looks edgy and risky, and women easily fall for that look. If you have curly hair that is even better since you will stand out in the crowd. Let’s be real, how many curly guys with an undercut you know off?

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#1: The Subtle One

Curly Hair Undercuts for young men

Not too dramatic curls styled with a thick beard look so manly. Also if you are someone who likes to dress up in denim you will look like you just shot a TV commercial.


#2: Massive Ginger Curls

Ginger Curly Hair Undercuts for boy

If you have red colored hair you are probably going to get some feedback from women. But positive ones! Just remember to style your curls, and try to avoid combing your hair as much as possible. That keeps the curls fresh looking.


#3: The Player

curly undercut hair for men

This curly hair undercut isn’t too up front as all the others, but still can take your breath away. A tip if you want to have your hair like this is to add as much of gel as you can, that way you will secure it all into place.


#4: Darker Hair

dark black curly hair undercut for men

If you are in a rush or on the go; your curly hair undercut doesn’t need to be that seamless. Fool everyone around by putting on a pair of sunglasses. You will look like you have just stylishly woken up.


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#5: All Over

If you are that type who can not maintain their hair and it can look frizzy at any point don’t worry, there is a way for you to rock it too. Always use a lot of styling wax and try to style your curls a piece by piece. Once they are all wet, blow dry them and they will stay like that.


#6: High Up

High up hair with a slick cut looks the best on younger men. This one is, also, definitely one of the easiest styles to maintain.


#7: Curl Heaven Undercut

curly hair undercut

A great example that curly guys can have this hairstyle! A curly hair undercut has never looked better, and it is all thanks to those natural curls.


#8: Boyish Look

curly hair undercut for young boy

Are you worried about having a baby face and slaying the curly hair undercut? You shouldn’t be, because even younger men/boys can handle the cut.


#9: Party Time

Our model looks like he is going to a party with this hairstyle and his outfit. Curly undercut style can be your go to clubbing option, or even a quick solution if you are off to a store.


#10: Keeping It Cool

undercut with curly hair

Keeping it cool and curly at the front is one more way to wear your curly hair undercut. Push the hairs to the front in case you want more of attention, and if you like to make your face a star of the show.


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Our 10 models are just a great example that anyone can stylishly wear anything! Have no fear if you are considering getting this hairstyle, rather just go for it. In time you will see that you’ve made a great decision.