6 Best Curly High Top Fade Haircuts For Men

Curly high top fade haircuts are a really popular choice for Afro-Caribbean men. These fade style techniques give a cool modern twist to the classic curly hairstyles that have been worn by these men for centuries. The look mixes up modern and retro hairstyling ideas.


Top Tips for A Curly High Top Fade Haircut

A few simple styling tips can completely change the look of a fade or high top style. To get the most out of your look, you should make sure that you keep the angles straight and shade. A shorter fade length will put more emphasis on the top of your hair. A longer length makes the fade more of a prominent feature.


#1: Fade with Baby Dreads

Curly High Top Fade Haircut for black men

Baby dreads look really cool when they are teamed up with a high top fade curly hairstyle. Use special styling products to keep your dreads looking neater.

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#2: Mid-Length Dreads with a Light Fade

dead lock Curly High Top Fade Haircut

A light or tight fade is one that is very subtle and closer to the hairline. This type of fade will help to show off your mid-length dreadlocks style.


#3: Reach for the Sky

Curly High Top Fade Haircut for young men

Guys who wear their hair in a high top hairstyle can push the look to the limit. The tighter that the curls are, the more that the hairstyle will keep its shape.

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#4: High Top Mohawk

Curly High Top Fade Haircut

An extreme fade transforms the high top into a Mohawk hairstyle. Curly high tops actually make great Mohawks because they hold their shape so well.


#5: Dreads with a Floppy Fringe

Let your fringe or bangs flop down a little bit over your forehead. This helps to soften the look of the hairstyle. Keep your fade tight and angular as a counterpoint.


#6: Blue Tinge

blue color Curly High Top Fade Haircut

A midnight shade of blue goes perfectly with black hair. Dye your high top so that it only looks blue when it catches the light.

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Curly high top fade hairstyles are not the only choice for young black men. We have plenty of other hairstyle lists featuring Afro Caribbean guys for you to take a look at.