6 Cute and Fashionable Curly Pixie Cut Looks

Our latest hairstyle list is dedicated to curly pixie cut hairstyles for women. These cuts are short and they are normally very easy for the wearer to maintain. The pixie has been a popular choice for women since it came into fashion in the 1960’s. It has been a fashion staple ever since then!


Why are curly pixie cuts so fashionable?

Pixie cuts are a really versatile hairstyle, because changing a few strands of hair can totally change the look of the hairstyle. These styles are also a great choice for models because they can easily be covered by a wig or lengthened using hair extensions.


#1: Short with Light Waves

short wave curly pixie cut hairstyle for women

Light wavy hair tends to become slightly curlier as it lengthens. A short wavy pixie cut will help to show off the natural texture of your hair.

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#2: Boy Cut

curly pixie cut hairstyle for women

A curly pixie hairstyle can look really androgynous if you want it to. A classic boy cut shape will give you a look which has both masculine and feminine features.


#3: Big Curls

long curly pixie cut hairstyle for girl

Big curls create a really textured and looping pixie style. Use a little mousse whilst your hair is drying to help to keep your curls looking perfect for the whole day.


#4: Copper Tones

Copper curly pixie cut hair your favorite

Copper tones look wonderful on women with pale skin and women with darker skin. These shades help to add warmth and beauty, especially when they are used on a shorter haircut.

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#5: Close Cropped

curly pixie cut hairstyles

Crop your hair closely at the sides to help to heighten your cheekbones. This technique also helps to add extra volume to the hair on the top of your head.


#6: FauxHawk

curly pixie cut hairstyles

Create a punky fauxhawk hairstyle by trimming the sides and back of your hair down to a minimal length. Groom the long central section of your hair so it stands up in a line.

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These curly pixie cuts are a lovely short hairstyle for women. If you want to see some longer hairstyles or haircuts for men then you can check out some of the other fantastic lists that we have to offer. We have loads of great hairstyle lists to choose from.