5 Awesome Fade Haircuts For Little Boys

Change your little boy’s whole¬† appearance with a simple fade haircut. Don’t worry, a fade haircut it easy to maintain. You won’t have to spend much time styling your little boy’s hair. It’s a great and playful haircut to choose because it’s not just a regular haircut. Fade haircuts look amazing on grown men, but when done on boys, it just looks so much more beautiful.


Fade Haircut Is Practical

Since this is a short hairstyle, the advantage is that the hair will not be getting into your little boy’s face. He’ll be free to play his sports or to simply have fun with friends. Also, since the sides on a fade haircut are so much shorter, he won’t have to get frequent haircuts. No matter how long his hair gets, it will still look great.


#1: Blonde And Cool

Blonde Fade Haircuts for kids

Many children have blonde hair when they’re young. That looks gorgeous on its own. Imagine how amazing it would look if you gave your boy a fade haircut. If you got time in the morning, add just a little bit of hair gel and push his hair back. He’ll look so cool!

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#2: A Mohawk

Fade Mohawk Haircuts for little boy

Who’s the coolest kid on the block? This boy right here. If your little boy is a daring kid with a lot of energy, a mohawk with a fade is a perfect choice. He’ll have so much fun styling it. Yes, you’ll need loads of hair gel and it might get messy, but it’ll be worth the effort.


#3: The Cutest

natural Fade Haircuts for kids

Yes, we know, your boy is the cutest little boy in the world. Why not make him stand out even more with a very subtle mohawk and a fade? He won’t just be a cute boy anymore, he’ll also be one of the cool kids.


#4: Pushed To The Side

long Fade Haircuts

If your little boy doesn’t mind having longer hair, then this haircut is definitely for him. Grow his hair out a little bit longer than usual and then push it to one side. Since the hair is on one side, the fade will be seen on the other side. If your little boy has straight hair, check these hairstyles.


#5: Cute Little Gentleman

kids Fade Hairstyle

Preparing for a special occasion? Make your little boy look even cooler with a fade haircut. For a sharper look use part his hair on one side and put loads of hair gel. The idea is to make him look like a classic gentleman, which we all know he’ll one day be. No matter what he weas on that special occasion, we know he’ll steal the spotlight.

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Little boys can be hard to raise, but at lease we can have lots of fun with their hair and clothes. It’s very simple to make them look amazing because they already make us go “aww”. Whether you want a more complex hairstyle or a very simple one, it’s up to you. What we do know is that your little boy will for sure love one of these simple fade hairstyles. So, just let him pick one and let the fun begin.