5 Flat Top Haircut’s For Black Men

A flat top haircut for black men looks so magical, hot and irresistible. Many men are trying to pull off this look but only some of them can. Who are those men? Well, we all know that men with darker skin have thicker hair and better curls than most of the women even after they are done at the salon. Those men with thick curls are so lucky, unlike women who constantly spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars into getting a perfect cut. Luckily, if you have thick and curly hear you will easily pull off the flat top haircut.


The Ultimate 5 Top Haircuts For Black Men

Chances are if you don’t have naturally curly and frizzy hair you will have a harder time with this hairdo. You won’t make it as smooth as you should, and the styling will be a bit harder. However, if you believe that someone can do this right at the salon give them a chance and maybe you will end up loving your new funky hair.


#1: Frizz Everywhere

curly flat top haircut for black men

Imagine if you had your whole facial hair as frizzy as your natural hair. Men who love to steal the spotlight and who love brave options can go with this lucky number 1. But you better be careful since this hairstyle is super long and you might end up hitting your hair on the way out of your car.

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#2: Glam

short flat top haircut for short black boy

A nice pair of shades can look bold and icy cold with your flat top haircut. Dress casually and throw on your favorite sunglasses and all the girls will come to you. And who knows why it is like that? It is just that there is something so Hollywood about darker men and a nice pair of nice shades.


#3: Clean and Sharp

flat top haircut on black men

If you have your trusted hairdresser who can perform miracles let him do this cut on you. Not many barbers tend to mess with a flat top haircut on black men. The reason behind that is because the hair is so thick and hard to control as well as maintain. If you’ve found the one hairdresser who performs well on your hair try to keep him!


#4: Colored Hair

 Hipster flat top haircut on black men

Since we are living in 2017 a lot of Hipster trends are catching on. Some of them are loose clothing, colorful prints, and bold cuts. If you want to color your hair and do something totally new we support you! In fact, how many people do you know with a flat top colored hairstyle? Yeah, didn’t think so.


#5: Bold

beard with Flat top haircuts for black men 

You can be a prince charming if you put your effort to it. In fact, men can look super glammed up with this hairstyle or super toned down. It is all about the wardrobe you have on, as well as your spirit. If you rock something proudly (no matter what it is) people will easily spot that and think highly of you. That’s why you should be really proud and you should act bold with your new cut.

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Flat top haircuts for black men have probably never looked this good. Show a picture to your friend, coworker, college, brother or even your boyfriend and convince them into getting this cut. Who knows, maybe they will rush to the salon after they’ve seen our designs.