5 Gorgeous Goddess Braids With Kanekalon Hair

When creating goddess braids you’ll need lots of volume, which you can easily get with kanekalon hair. You’ve probably already seen these huge fabulous goddess braids on many women. Most of those women have created those looks with kanekalon hair. That’s the best fake hair there is on the market. Not only is it cheap, but it’s actually very high quality.¬† This combination is amazing for women with damaged hair. The extra hair will do its job while your hair will be able to get a break from all of the heat and the chemicals.


How To Make Goddess Braids With Kanekalon Hair?

Start off by combing the hair and then apply some mousse so that the hair stays put. Then part the hair down the center of the head. Let one half of the hair stay in the ponytail while you work on the other half. Now, take small sections and divide them into equal parts. Braid it tightly and add pieces of kanekalon hair to the center. Continue the process until you’ve braided you whole section and secure it with an elastic band. Then just put some hair spray to ensure your gorgeous goddess braids will stay put.


#1: Enhanced By Fun Accessories

Goddess Braids With Kanekalon Hairstyle

If you’re obsessed with ancient Egypt history, you gotta go for this look. Add some gold accessories to the goddess braids on the front. Put as many golden accessories as you want. The volume that the kanekalon hair made will make sure your gorgeous goddess braids stand out even more.

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#2: The Color Of Passion

Goddess Braids With Kanekalon Hair for black women

Small details make a huge difference. Just two red small goddess braids took this whole hairstyle to a whole other level. Long hair is a perfect choice here so that the red goddess braids can stand out. So, add longer kanekalon hair and your perfect look has been created.