15 Gorgeous and Fun Grey Ombre Hairstyles

Grey hair is one of the most fashionable new hairstyle trends for women. Grey ombre hairstyles help to make grey a legitimate hair color choice. It is no longer considered to be a color for older people; young women also look fantastic with grey colored hair.


Dyeing Your Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Most women will need to bleach their natural hair if they want to apply a silver or grey hair coloring. This strips the natural color away so that light grey dye can be added. It is important that you are careful with bleach hair products, because bleach will cause severe damage to hair if it is left on for too long. If you are unsure about using bleach, you should speak to a stylist. Once your hair is prepared, you can add ombre coloring to suit your own style.


#1: Soft Sleek Curls

Grey curly Ombre Hairstyle for asian women

Soft curls look beautiful with ombre styling. Keep your hair sleek until the place where the color starts to change. Use a curling wand to style in gorgeous large soft curls in the lighter sections of your hairstyle.

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#2: Dark Roots

Dark Grey Ombre Hairstyle for women

Begin the ombre color change close to your scalp and only keep your roots dark. This can help your hair to look thicker by giving the impression of more depth and texture.


#3: Blue-Grey Ombre

Blue Grey Ombre Hairstyle for girl

Blue and grey create a really ethereal combination. Mixing the two colors together in an ombre hairstyle will create a look that will keep turning heads.


#4: Undercut

Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Undercut your hairstyle at one side to give a punky twist to your new look. A small undercut can easily be covered up again by changing your parting.


#5: Ombre with a Crown of Flowers

Crown flower Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Give your hairstyle a fresh edge by adding a crown of beautiful flowers. Yellow and white flowers like daisies really help to offset the grey tones of your ombre coloring.


#6: Double Bun

Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Pull your hair up into two gorgeous buns at the rear of your head. Let the rest of your hair flow freely down behind you. This creates a lovely mixture of lengths and textures.


#7: Soft Boho Curls

Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Soft waves are a very bohemian choice for an ombre hairstyle. This look would be good for the beach or the nightclub, so many women love the versatility that it offers.

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#8: Mossy Roots

Keep your roots dark but fade the rest of your hair color very quickly. Darker roots can help your hair to look much thicker and more voluminous.


#9: Long Hair with Heavy Layering

Long Grey Ombre Hairstyle for girl

Heavy layering helps to give your hairstyle a lot more shape. This type of layering can help to frame your face and allows women to draw attention to their favorite features.


 #10: Soft Waves with a Side Parting

Soft Wave grey ombre hairstyle

Very big and very soft waves help to create a lovely light hairstyle. Changing your parting away from the centre of your head will allow you to change the weight and shape of your hairstyle.


#11: Purple Hue

Purple Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Hints of purple and blue work really well as part of a grey women’s hairstyle. Both of these colors help to create an ethereal quality and give the look a whole new dimension.


#12: Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is a haircut with absolutely no layering at all. The hair is cut in a very straight line at the bottom to create a blunt edge. It must be trimmed regularly to keep it looking neat and tidy.


#13: Drastic Changes

Grey Ombre Hairstyle

An ombre color does not have to change gradually. Changing quickly from a dark shade to a lighter shade can help to create a more dramatic and eye-catching hairstyle.


#14: Poker Straight

Use straightening irons to keep your ombre style poker straight. Always use heat protection products or your hair could be completely stripped of moisture. This will leave it feeling dry and brittle.


#15: Voluminous Fringe

bang with Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Give extra volume to your fringe by backcombing your hair upwards from the roots. Styling your bangs with a side-parting will also help to give it a little extra boost.

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We hope that you have found plenty of inspiration for your next grey ombre hairstyle. If you would be interested in a more colorful ombre cut, we have plenty of other options to choose from; including purple ombre hairstyles and red ombre haircuts for women. Take a look right away.