10 Charming Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

If you are getting married or if you are off to a wedding these half up half down wedding hairstyles should be your go-to option. These are perfect if you don’t like to look too formal or flashy. The half up half down hairstyle is something that brings elegance as well as class to the table, without looking too upfront. Women with longer hair often stick to this design since it looks better on them. If you have long hair good for you because the styling possibilities are endless.


Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

These 10 hair ideas are the most attractive ones you can go for. Doesn’t matter if you have darker or lighter hair, the hairstyle will look good on you. It is all about the proper hair tying and the right accessories you choose. You could even put a smaller flower, a rose, or a tiara on top and feel like a true princess that you are inside and out!


#1: Classical Bride

Classical Half Down Wedding Hairstyles for women

The classical bridal hairstyle is when you have a messy curled up ponytail with a lot of flowers. Women often tend to go with this messy ponytail for their wedding because it is so innocent looking. The fresh flower just gives life to this design and makes it even more attractive. If you like elegance but in its minimal form then this design was made for you!

Wedding Day Hairstyle for Women with Short Hair

#2: Little Braid

Little Braid with Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

The little braid you can have on top is a newer wanted detail at the salon. If you are getting married young, at the age of 19-23 chances are you will want to have something like this. Younger women are not a fan of heavy and messy buns. They like to stick to simplicity since they believe it suits their age. Do you agree with that rule or you’d still go with a bold formal bun even though your age?


#3: Silver Detail

 Silver color Half Down Wedding Hair

A true example of a classic half up half down wedding hairstyle that you’ll adore. Those women who are not a big fan of the flowers can stick to this silvery plastic detail. Your hairdresser will know exactly what you want after you show him this picture. This half up half down hairstyle is very popular at the moment so you shouldn’t be worried since every hairdresser will be able to pull it off. They also always have those hair accessories with them, so you don’t have to buy them separately. Maybe that little accessory can be ”something new” that you will wear on the day of your wedding?


#4: Gracious Look

blonde Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

This style looks the cutest on women with blonde hair. If your hair is fresh and healthy it will literally glow when you do it in the half up half down style. This hair design, as well as this color, are perfect for the summer season. The color will have a brilliant shine in the sun which everyone will compliment.


#5: Little Wavy

Wavy wedding hairstyle

You can make your hair as wavy as your heart desires. Not many women like these super curls, but if you are one of them why not give it a chance? You will love it, and that is the most important part. Never try to blend in with the group and rather stick out with your brave and bold ideas.


#6: Messy


7: Flowery Details


#8: Fresh and Young


#9: Sleek


#10: Ombre Half Up Half Down