How to Make A French Fishtail Braid That Rocks

French braids are awesome, isn’t it? But those of you who are willing to learn how to get a french fishtail braid can try after you finish reading this article. After all, who wouldn’t want a classic fishtail braid that leaves everyone breathless!


How To Make a French Fishtail Braid

Doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always want to have your hair styled this way. Many women actually learn how to do a French fishtail braid once they have children. Since you know, kids are demanding a lot and usually want either a ponytail, regular braids or a French fish braid. Before you start doing this on yourself or someone else, gather:

  • A comb
  • Hair Elastics
  • Hair tie
  • Maybe even a hairspray


Fresh and Clean

  • You always have to have clean and dry hair.
  • Also, make sure your hair is combed and that there are no any tangles.
  • Brush your hair out and divide it into two sections.
  • Leave half of your hair on the left side and the other half on the right side.
  • Make sure you are working with equal parts of the hair on both sides.
  • This may be a little harder in case you have shorter hair or a bob hairstyle.


Work Your Magic

You can see the way you will be making your French fishtail braid on this picture.

  • First off don’t take too much of your hair for starters.
  • Work with smaller sections one by one.
  • Take one piece of the hair on your left side and pull it across the right hair piece.
  • Your hair pieces will go zig-zag moving from left to the right and from right to the left part.
  • Place your hair strain under each section you are making and make it as tight as you can.
  • This may be harder to do on yourself than on someone else.
  • You could practice at first on your sister or a friend before you understand the hang of it.

Tie It

In case you are still struggling with your French fishtail braid it is okay. There is a first time for everything. This picture is showing you the proper steps when creating and tieing down the braid.

  • You will be able to tie your hair down if you leave some of the pieces at the end untouched.
  • Take your elastics and tie around the end of the tail.
  • Wherever you’ve noticed that you need secure and bobby pins place them. It is okay if you need to use more of them.
  • The most important thing is for your fishtail braid to stay on as long as possible.
  • You can also make it super messy, or you can spray it with a hairspray and make it very sleek and wet looking.


Final Result

In case you’ve done everything right, this is how your final result should look like. Now it is okay if you don’t get it perfect at first. Practice makes everything perfect, right? Now you know how to make a fishtail braid. Don’t wait, try one and send us a photo. We would love to see!