Women’s Jumbo Box Braids – Top 11 Styles to Copy

Jumbo box braids are braids which are larger or thicker than standard braids. They can look great on women of any skin tone, although they are predominantly chosen by women with African-textured hair. They can be created from natural hair or added to the hair as extensions.


Why choose jumbo box braids?

Thicker box braids have plenty of advantages over micro box braids. It is much quicker to plait jumbo braids into the hair, because they are less delicate and fidgety to work with. You will need to work fewer braids to complete a whole head of hair. This also means that it is easier to do jumbo braids on natural African-textured hair. The braiding also stands out more with jumbo box braids. Larger braids move and bounce in a totally different way.

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#1: Front Top Knot

Top Knot Jumbo Box Braids hairstyle

Wind your braids around and around at the front of your head to create an amazing top knot. Secure the knot in place and then let the rest of your hair flow down freely.


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#2: Twisted Crown

 Twist Crown Jumbo Box Braids hair for black women

Create a twisted crown out of your jumbo box braids. Twist your braids together so that they encircle your head in a crown shape. Allow the other sections of your hair to flow down freely.


#3: Multi-Colored Braids

Jumbo Box Braids

Show off your personality with multi-colored box braids. Mixing lots of different colors together can create a really varied style. You can also stick to using different shades of the same color.


#4: Double Top Knot

Jumbo Box Braids with Double Top Knot
Separate your hair into two distinct sections. twist them around each other and pull into a high “double” top knot which sits on the top of your head.


#5: Side Style

Side style Jumbo Box Braids hair for girl

Instead of plaiting your hair into traditional vertical cornrows, try plaiting your braids using horizontal cornrows. This will lead to most of your box braids falling from the side of your head rather than the back.


#6: Jumbo Top Knot

Pull the whole of your hair up into a traditional African topknot hairstyle. This is a wonderfully stylish and practical way to keep your hair out of your eyes, whilst also looking amazing.


#7: Perfect Purple

Jumbo Box Braids

Put jumbo purple box braids into your hair to create a broody and moody hairstyle which will turn some heads. Match up your lipstick with the color of your hair for added effect.


#8: Twisted High Pony

Pull all of your jumbo box braids up onto the top of your head. Twist a few braids around each other before securing the lot into a high pony. Allow the braids to fall behind your head.


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#9: Keep it Simple

Sometimes the best thing to do with box braids is just to keep it simple. Allow all of the braids to flow down naturally from a center parting for a perfectly symmetrical braided hairstyle.


#10: Extreme Side Parting

Jumbo Box Braids

Sweep all of your braids over to one side of your head and keep the other side clear. This helps to add weight to your hairstyle and show off your facial features. The style can be further enhanced by an undercut.


#11: Black and Tan

Black Jumbo Box Braids hairstyle for women

Mixing black and tan colored sections of hair can help to create the illusion of a very natural looking caramel color. It also seems to give the hair a golden sheen.


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Jumbo box braids are a fun and practical hairstyle for women. Once braided, this style can be worn for a long time without maintenance. If you would prefer a different hairstyle for women, check out some of our other lists.