7 Simple Layered Bob Haircuts For Curly Hair

We believe that the layered bob haircut was created mainly for women with curly hair. It’s so easy for them to change their whole appearance with just a few changes with their hair. Women with straight hair need to work hard to make their appearance stand put. Meanwhile, even with a simple layered bob haircut, women with curly hair will look unique.


Why can women with curly hair rock the layered bob haircut the best?

Short answer, curls accent the playfulness of the layered bob haircut. Not only that, but it’s a very versatile look. You can tailor it for any occasion. Going to work? No problem, just make it sleek with some hair oil. Going for a night out? Great, make it frizzy and let your hair be wild.


#1: Flirty Blondie

Blond curly layered bob haircut

Round layered bob hairstyles on curly hair draw attention to your beautiful facial features. So, if you have gorgeous blue eyes and want everyone to see them, this is the one for you. Add some eye-catching earrings and your look is complete!

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#2: Sleek curls

Sleek layered bob curly hairstyle

The wet curls look is everywhere at the moment. Wet curls with a layered bob are perfect for women with damaged hair since it hides the damage really well. Not only that, but this hairstyle is very refreshing and actually good for the hair.


#3: She’s the boss!

curls with a layered bob hairstyle

Now, this one is for powerful women. There’s no limit to how many layers you can have, but one thing is true: more layers = more drama. While everyone nowadays is trying to get seemless highlights hairstyle, here the layers can be as sharp as you want.


#4: A Modern Girl

modern girl layered bob curly hairstyle

If you’re following current trends, you must have seen this medium length layered bob that most curly women choose to have. Of course, for this hairstyle having a center parting is essential. This will make your face appear more symmetrical.

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