Perfect For Autumn 7 Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

Are you in a search for your new autumn hairstyle? How about this layered bob haircut with bangs becomes your go-to option? This hairstyle is slowly but surely hitting the stage. We are seeing it more and more on runway models, and it totally makes sense! The bob haircut with bangs is super manageable and doesn’t acquire much of an upkeep. That may also sound awesome for some of you women who are constantly in a rush.


Mesmerizing 7 Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

Even if you are not always in a rush, and even if you have plenty of time to blow dry and straighten your hair every day, our top 7 hairstyles will make you fall in love. Girls who are in school, as well as in college and stay at home moms will want to get this updo. You can wear and slay this bob haircut with bangs for every occasion you are off to. And the best part about it is definitely its looks, but as well as a low maintenance.


#1: The Geisha

 navy blue color layered bob haircut with bangs

This lovely navy blue color is perfect for brave women and the catwalk models. Just a great example that this bob haircut can look super chic and sexy. It is actually very brave looking and should be your go-to option in case you want to be spotted and complimented wherever you go.

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#2: What You Made Me Do

women Taylor Swift layered bob haircut with bangs

We must admit that Taylor Swift is killing the music industry with her latest LWYMMD song, but as well as with this cut! She is a true diva that can pull off this layered bob haircut with bangs better than anyone. Let her be your role model and an inspiration for getting this perfect for an autumn hairstyle.


#3: Slay And Pose

women layered bob haircut with bangs

You can have it all with this look, and that goes as well for the pictures. Have you noticed that some high-end models are always on the cover page of fashion magazines? And almost 60% of them always have this hairdo? Doesn’t matter if it is their natural hair or a wig, one thing is for certain, they all want a bob cut with bangs!


#4: Mom Way

A look that will probably make a lot of moms happy. The upkeep is this simple: You get up in the morning, wash your hair, blow dry it straight, comb it, and put some hairspray to set it. Voila, you are done! It is literally a 3 step process that you can complete in less than 10 minutes. No need for some fancy and pricey hair straighteners, styling gels or pretty much anything.


#5: Bangs Everywhere

layered bob haircut with bangs


#6: Hot Mess

Colorful Bob Haircuts Shaved In Back


#7: Modern Barbie