Smoking Hot 7 Medium Bob Haircuts With Bangs

Medium bob haircuts with bangs are really asked for at the salon. Have you noticed that every model, business woman, and lately even singers are going for this look? That is because it is simply elegant and chic. You can even style it up or down, depending on the mood you are feeling and the event you are off to. But one thing is for sure; you and everyone around you will be blown away.


7 Medium Bob Haircuts With Bangs

These hairstyles are meant to look appealing for every woman no matter her age. Bob haircuts are done at numerous salons worldwide and are a great hair style for anyone who likes something which is not hard to maintain. If you are someone who loves wearing bangs and styling them every day you will love our top 7 looks list.


#1: Dark Bob

 Dark Medium Bob Haircuts With Bangs

This brown medium bob haircut with bangs that are a bit longer looks perfect for the teens. You can feel like yourself while having this hairstyle and feel comfortable and inside your comfort zone. Just make sure your bangs are not too long once you get them cut and you are all set.

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#2: Light Ombre

Light Ombre Medium Bob Haircuts With Bangs

This light ombre transition looks sexy and perfect for a party. Women who like to go out a lot but are looking for a quick fix here it is! This hairdo doesn’t require much of the upkeep nor your attention. You will feel secure and protected while having ultimate fun.


#3: Slightly Longer

long Medium Bob Haircuts With Bangs

If you are not feeling comfortable with a medium bob hairstyle which is the same length all the way around your hair, you can have your front part a bit longer. Women who tend to stick to this style often like to close their face with hair. So this hairstyle should be your option if you are insecure about your face, or if you have a bigger forehead. Longer ends at the front will give you a nice and clean Hollywood look.


#4: Little Miss Glam

Blonde Medium Bob Haircuts With Bangs

If you often have a need to look like a celebrity this medium bob haircut may suit you the best! Blonde highlights look very posh and high end, and that is why women love them. You will look very mesmerizing if you go out with your friends with you blonde bob hairstyle and your little red dress.

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#5: Stunning Black

Medium Bob Haircuts With Bangs

#6: Medium Red

#7: Wild and Crazy