5 Mens Celebrity Haircuts for Wannabe Stars

Male celebrities are constantly changing their haircuts to help them to make the right impression. On the other hand, many famous men will try to keep a relatively simple short cut because it will allow them to have as many styling options as possible. Our list of mens celebrity haircuts will show you some classic versatile haircut choices.


Key Styling Products for Mens Celebrity Haircuts

If you want to emulate male celebrity hairstyles, you should make sure that you always keep a few key styling products to hand. A good shampoo and conditioner will help you to keep your hair in great condition. A fine tooth comb is the best styling tool. Carrying a small pot of styling gel with you will allow you to refresh your style when needed.


#1: Finely Combed Hair with Volume

Men Comb Celebrity Hairstyle

Put a bit of gel through your hair and then use a fine tooth comb to cut through your locks to give a combed effect. Pulling upwards from the roots will help your hair to look more voluminous.

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#2: Off-Centre Sweep

twist Celebrity hairstyle for men

Give your hairstyle a twist by sweeping it a little bit off of centre. Use a comb and some styling gel to help to keep the look in place all day long.


#3: Bushy Waves

wave celebrity hairstyle for men with beard

Bushy waves create a totally different men’s celebrity haircut. This look is rugged, wild and ungroomed. It looks fantastic when it is teamed up with light stubble or a short beard.


#4: Classic Cut

Classic hairstyle for men

If in doubt, celebrities often stick with a classic groomed men’s haircut without special twists or unusual features. It is a low maintenance look which only requires you to keep your hair neatly trimmed.

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#5: Swept Up

celebrity haircuts mens

To get the most volume into your hairstyle, put a bit of gel into your hair. Once your hair is feeling a little bit sticky, use your hands to pull it upwards into soft peaks.


Fashion is constantly changing and men’s celebrity haircuts change too to try to keep up with the trends. If you want to check out some other trendy hairstyles then you should take a look at some of the other lists that you will find on hairstylesout.com.