18 Dashing Ombre Hair Colors for Bold Women

Ombre hair is an amazing choice for women who are bored with being just one color. Most ombre hairstyles will change subtly from one color to another, but the change can be very distinctive. More and more ombre hairstyles now rely on a dramatic change to grab the attention.


Dyeing Ombre Hair

It is easiest to dye ombre hair from a lighter color to a darker color. If you wish to change from dark to light, you may have to bleach your hair before applying extra color. Be very careful when using bleach on ombre hair. It can burn the skin and will ruin your hair if you leave it on for too long. Get a stylist or a friend to help you to complete your look.


#1: Super Subtle Ombre

ombre hair colors for women

Create a super subtle ombre color for your hair by choosing a shade which is just very close to your natural color. This technique can help your curls to look extra big and bouncy.

Stunning Brown Ombre Hairstyles for Women

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