12 Fashionable Pixie Cuts for Round Faces

Women with round faces need to choose their hairstyle carefully. Some hairstyles look great with round faces, whereas other cuts do not work at all. Pixie cuts actually look really great on women with rounder faces. This is why we have worked hard to create a list of some of the best pixie cuts for round faces.


Stunning Pixie Cuts Syuitable for Round Faces

Some people think that a pixie is a boring hairstyle because it is short. However, there are lots of different things that women can try to make a pixie hairstyle look more interesting. Women can change their hairstyle using coloring and highlighting techniques. Short hairstyles can also be made more interesting by varying the length and the texture of certain areas of the hairstyle. For example, an undercut can significantly change the look of a pixie hairstyle.


#1: Fluffy Pixie with Undercut

marvelous Pixie Cuts hair for Round Face women

This is one of the punkiest takes on the pixie cut. Undercut your hair and then color the shaven section so that it creates a marvelous color contrast to your platinum cut.


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#2: Mod Pixie

mod Pixie Cut hairstyle for Round Face

A pixie that closely follows the shape and contour of the head takes on a retro modish quality. The rounded hairstyle really suits women who have a rounded face shape.


#3: Emo Long Pixie

Long Pixie Cuts hair for Round Face

A darker pixie haircut looks really emo when some of the underneath sections have been left to grow longer. Sweep sections over in an asymmetrical style to put the final touches to the emo style.


#4: Messy Boyish Cut

Messy Boyish Pixie Cuts for Round Face hair

Pixie cuts for round faces do not need to be perfectly groomed. Messy styling with a crown parting towards the rear of the style can create an androgynous boyish haircut for women.


#5: Elfin Hairstyle

Elfin Pixie Cuts for Round Face women

Groom your hair so that it looks nicely rounded and closely follows the shape of your head. Make sure that your ears remain clearly visible by cutting the hair around your ears.


#6: Choppy Cut

Pixie Cuts for Round Face

A choppy rounded style can give your pixie a unique look. Making choppy cuts into your bangs will also help to reduce the weight and the severity of the hairstyle above your eyes.


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#7: Spiked Fringe

Pixie Cuts for Round Face

Use hair gel to gel the front of your hair up into a peaked fringe. This style is particularly effective if your hair is two tone, with darker roots and lighter tips.


#8: Fluffy Fringe

Pixie Cuts for Round Face

Building height with a voluminous pixie cut can actually help to narrow a round face. Use your hands to help to give your hairstyle an extra fluffiness.


#9: Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie Cuts for Round Face women

A lightly curled pixie is a really cute hairstyle for women who have naturally textured hair. A choppy cut will help the curls to form properly to give the best hairstyle.


#10: Copper Tones

Copper Pixie Cuts hair for Round Face girl

A pixie cut with different tones of copper color is a modern classic look. Copper colors look really good when they are teamed up with green eyes and red lips.


#11: Dark Roots

Do not worry if your roots are starting to show through your pixie hairstyle. Darker roots actually help to make a blonde haircut look thicker and more textured.


#12: Short Choppy Cut with Side Parting

Pixie Cuts for Round Face

A short choppy cut helps to add texture to the hairstyle. Part your hair at one side and then carefully groom each choppy section of hair so that it falls in the perfect fashion.


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Although we have shown lots of pixie cuts for round faces, there are also lots of great pixie hairstyles for other face shapes. If you do not have a rounded face, you can take a look at some of our other fantastic lists to get inspiration for your next hairstyle.