7 Attractive Pompadour Comb Over Hairstyles

The pompadour comb over hairstyles can look attractive on anyone if done at the right salon. Many men actually go for this look because they’ve seen celebrities rocking it. Justin Bieber, Ronaldo, Zayn Malik and many others have fallen for this style. If you are a fan of trendy hairstyles that are a magnet for women, then these are for you!


Pompadour with Comb Over Hairstyles

You will want to style it as sleek as you can. These 7 hairstyles are no joke, and you will see why in a second. If you want to look like some of your favorite celebrities, actors, and singers you will have a full strike with our posh looking pompadour comb over hairstyles.


#1: The Magnet

Pompadour Comb Over hairstyle for men

You have probably watched Jersey shore once in your life, am I right? Have you noticed that all of them have these hairstyles as well? This guy looks like someone from the show, and he also looks like he is enjoying his comb over hairdo. You should get it as well since you know how big of a babe magnet those Jersey shore boys are, don’t you?


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#2: The Stylish One

side Pompadour Comb Over hairstyle

You can always leave one piece of your hair hanging down below. This look is giving us that ”don’t care” vibe and the guy looks like a model. You should get your pompadour hairstyle with some comb over longer bangs at the front and style the back of your hair with the styling gel.


#3: Young and Right

Pompadour Comb Over hairstyle for young boy

You can do your hair a lot sharper by really trimming down the sides. Women like it as well when you have really trimmed hair and when they can run their fingers through your hair. Don’t know what it is but there is something especially sexy about men who have shorter hair.


#4: Curled Up

curly Pompadour Comb Over hairstyle

Even if you have naturally curly hair you can still have a pompadour comb over hairstyle. Men who are insecure about their natural curls shouldn’t be! They are even in luck since they have multiple hair possibilities to go for. You can style your pompadour curly, or straighten it flat. However, your sides will still look freshly cut and flat.


#5: Extra Everywhere

Pompadour Comb Over

Pompadour Hairstyle Faded to Perfection

#6: Ready For Prom


#7: Young Blood