10 Beautiful Ponytail Styles For Black Hair

What better way to show off your elegance than by putting your black hair in a ponytail. Ponytails are not only elegant, but they are also very convenient. Do you want to hide your second or third-day hair? A simple ponytail will be your savior. That’s especially true for black hair. Black hair can always seem fresh when it’s in a ponytail.


How Versatile Can They Really Be?

Whichever style you’re trying to rock, there are different ponytails you can create with your black hair that will fit. Are you a businesswoman? Great, create a low ponytail. Are you a party girl? Awesome, create a hairstyle with a very high volume. If you’re going to a gala night, take your ponytail to the next level by adding some accessories. Nowadays they’re really easy to find, and your black hair will make them easily noticeable. Are you going for an easy, everyday style? Well, just create a loose ponytail and continue with your day. Afterall, have you ever seen a runaway without a sleek ponytail?


#1: Highlights With Curled Hair

black brown mix Curly ponytail hairstyle

This is a great choice for if you have a special occasion. The highlights on your black hair will show off really well and take it to the next level. Not only that, but this style will add to your graceful appearance. This hairstyle is a great option for brides as well. The curled and well put together hair in this ponytail is definitely a bridal look. You can also be really creative with it, put some accessories. With those accessories and the highlights you will definitely shine on your wedding day.

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#2: Ponytail Braid

Braid ponytail with black hairstyle

If you have long black hair it can get a bit boring at times. That’s why you should change it up a bit. Create a very high ponytail and braid your hair. If you’re lucky and your hair has loads of volume, even better, the braid will be thicker and be easily noticeable.  Now that your hair is up, use that opportunity to show off your crazy amazing jewelry. All of this will be even better if you create a wrap around ponytail.


#3: Huge Volume In The Front

black women ponytail with black hairstyle

This one is for daring women, or for those women who simply want to have fun with their black hair. This hairstyle creates the illusion of having bangs. Brush the hair to the front and then twist it backward. Hold it in place with bobby pins if you need to. Since this is a statement look, do what you can so that it’s really well styled. Then just make a wrap around ponytail. Since your black hair just became ten times more unique, you should make your makeup more special. Crazy colors are permitted. You probably won’t be able to wear this during a regular day, save this idea for Halloween or a special themed party.


#4: Sleek Low Ponytail

low ponytail with black hairstyle for girl

Black hair never looks better than in a low ponytail. To add more drama, make it appear wet by adding leads of hairspray. Have you ever seen a runway show with at least one of the models having this hairstyle? Probably not. We recommend you to straighten your hair really well because we’re trying to create a sharp look with this hairstyle. Since you moved the hair out of your way, now you have the opportunity to show off your makeup skills. Here, the accents should be on your face.


#5: Ready For A Night Out

ponytail with black hair

This is the most convenient hairstyle for a night out. Your hair is out of the way, but it still looks absolutely gorgeous. You can have all the fun you want without having to worry about your hair sticking to your face when it gets too hot in the club. The goal here is for hair to appear messy, so that only you know how much effort you put into it. Basically, make everyone think that this is what your everyday hair looks like. Add some volume on the top, but don’t go too crazy. Use a little bit of hairspray just so that everything stays in place. Don’t go crazy with hairspray either. Great, now you’re ready to party!

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#6: A Ponytail With A Twist

Twist ponytail with black hairstyle

Yes, high ponytails on black hair really do always look amazing. They can be even prettier  if you have few subtle highlights. They will easily draw attention to your hairstyle. That’s why you should style your hair differently than usual. Take the top section and twist it to create high volume. Secure it with few bobby pins and you’re ready to go.


#7: Half Up Half Down

Why only go with a simple ponytail? That’s just plain. You should do something more. Tease the top section which you’ll put in a half ponytail and leave the rest down. Curl it as much as you like and make it shiny. Keep your makeup fresh and bright. You’ll look as if you just got off the expensive private party.


#8: Hair Accessories

ponytail with black hair

This one is for girls who like to keep up with current trends. Gold accessories are in right now. So, why not wrap them around your ponytail. You can keep the ponytail sleek and simple so that the accent is on the accessories. They will easily be put in the spotlight since your hair is black. Put some gold jewelry as well. Wear animal printed skirt to add to the glamour.


#9: Sleek High Ponytail

If you’re a young businesswoman and you’re preparing for a business lunch, this is the hairstyle to choose. Brush your hair thoroughly and straighten it well until it’s soft. Since your hair is black, this hairstyle will make your seem more professional. A wrap around ponytail is also a great twist to this look. Since the rest of your appearance is so sleek and sharp, you’ll have the luxury to wear a statement jewelry piece or a statement lipstick color.


#10: Cute Everyday Braid

braid ponytail with black hairstyle for girl

Maybe you’re into a more natural and indie look. A simple fish braid on the top of your hair will do the magic. Just braid the fish braid as you normally would and then just transition it into a ponytail. Don’t be afraid to smudge so that it’s messier. Curl the rest of the hair, but don’t make it too obvious. Create different types of curls, make it more interesting. Then just put some hairspray on and your simple everyday hairstyle is done.

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Ponytails on black hair look fun, stylish and they are very versatile. Not to mention their practicality. They can always save us when we don’t have time to wash our hair that day. What more do we want from a hairstyle? It’s perfect!