10 Stunning Purple Balayage Styles for Fashionable Women

A purple balayage hairstyle is bound to get attention. It is an eye-catching way to really make a statement with your hairstyle. Very few women have purple hair, so it can only be pulled off by those who are very confident. The balayage coloring means that it is even less subtle than a plain purple hairdo. Do you dare to be different?


How to get Purple Balayage Hair

Balayage is a special type of hair dyeing technique which involves the dye being painted onto the hair. It is very precise and means that people can have more control over what their hair looks like in the end. To get the best balayage effects for purple hair, you are advised to visit a stylist who specialises in these dyeing techniques.


#1: Dusky Purple

Dusky Purple Balayage hairstyle for girl

Dusky shades of purple are great for those who want to create an ethereal hairstyle. Grey colors which transform to purple have a soft fairytale charm to them.

Purple Box Braid Braided to Perfection


#2: Purples and Pinks

Purple with pink Balayage hairstyle

Highlight purple hair colors with shades of pink. The brighter pink balayage areas help the hairstyle to look like it has more texture and depth to it.


#3: Dark to Light

Purple Balayage hairstyle for asian women

Dark roots fading into a pale purple color looks really fresh and amazing. The intensity of the color at the roots can help the hair to look much thicker than it is.


#4: Hair Art

beautiful Purple Balayage hairstyle

Balayage hair techniques can be used to create absolutely gorgeous hair art. Blend balayage colorings with beautifully created designs, such as a braided flower. This gives a truly stunning hair effect.


#5: Triple Tone

Purple Balayage

Use balayage coloring techniques to color three very distinctive sections of hair. Each section should be a unique and vivid color of purple to create an amazingly eye-catching purple balayage effect.


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Purple balayage is bound to create a look that turns heads. If you want to try a hairstyle that is a little bit more subtle, ┬áthen you can always take a look at some of our other lists. Alternatively, if purple just isn’t your shade for balayage locks, then you can check out some of our other colored balayage offerings.