9 Perfect Examples of Purple Box Braids

Purple box braids are the perfect look for African American women who want to try something different. Braiding is a great way to keep the hair looking neat and tidy, whilst also expressing a lot of personalities. Purple is a wonderful color to choose if you want something that is a little bit different.


Why Purple Box Braids Are the Best

Purple is known for being a very regal color. Historically, purple dye cost the most money, so only the wealthiest people chose purple. If you want to show off your style and wealth, then you can choose a purple hairstyle for your next haircut.


#1: Bright and Bold

bold Purple Box Braids haircut

Bright purple box braids are totally eye-catching. Team this shade of braids up with lots of other bright colors for a really joyous hairstyle.


Make a Justified Statement with Poetic Justice Braid


#2: Subtle Midnight Purple

Purple Box Braids hairstyle for women

Midnight purple is a wonderful subtle shade which almost looks black. This is a perfect color for those who want their color to appear less obvious.


#3: Long Box Braids with Blue and Purple Mix

long Purple Box Braids hairstyle for black girl

Give your hair a very different look by mixing up different shades of blue and purple. With braid extensions, you can wear your hair as long as you would like to.


#4: Sweepover

Purple Box Braids hair for girl

Sweep your hair all of the ways over from one side to another. Doing this helps to change the weight and length of your hairstyle.


#5: Block Patterns

beautiful Purple Box Braids hairstyle

With box braids, you can show off a lot of different patterns on your scalp. Neat and clean block patterns are very popular for African American women with braided hairstyles.


#6: Make-up Match

When you choose a color of purple for your box braids, you should choose some lipstick to match. Perfectly matching your lips with your hair color can help to create a really dramatic effect.


#7: Blue Hues

Bluer shades of purple are a really nice choice for women who are looking for a brighter shade. Add a few blue strands to enhance the color even more.


#8: Pastel Purple

Pastel Purple Box Braids hairstyle

Pastel shades look great on women with lighter skin tones, because they do not make the wearer look too pale. Dusky purple colors also look great.


#9: Dappled Purple

Instead of choosing an all-over purple coloring, you can mix a few purple strands into your braids. This means that your color will not be as intense.


Magnificent Balayage in Purple Hairstyle


Although purple is a great color for box braids, there are plenty of other choices for African American women. Try looking at some of our other lists to see if those ideas attract your interest.