Top 10 Fiery Red Ombre Hair Ideas

Red ombre hair color is a brilliant way to make a stunning first impression. Your hair will catch eyes and turn heads as soon as you walk into the room. However, you will need to be brave and bold to pull off these red ombre hair color ideas. Are you brave enough to give it a try?


What is Red Ombre Hair?

Red ombre hair is red hair which is mixed with another hair color. The other hair color can be natural or unnatural. Ombre styling usually indicates that the two colors are blended together in some way to create a graded effect. The term ombre is not normally used for highlights or lowlights unless ombre techniques are being used too.


#1: Big, Bold and Glamorous

red ombre hair for women

For an incredibly glamorous look, you need to introduce as much volume as possible to your red ombre hair. A Brazilian Blowout is a great way to boost volume in any haircut.


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#2: Copper and Brown

women's red ombre hair

Mixing coppers and brown in a red ombre haircut will create an eye-catching style. It is easiest to see the color contrast and definition on straighter and longer hairstyles.


#3: Eggplant and Orange

eggplant and orange red ombre hair

Eggplant and orange are two shades that mix together really well as part of a red ombre hair color. However, you will need to be full of confidence and have a big personality if you want to wear your hair in this style.


#4: Extreme Parting with a Twist

An extreme parting enables you to wear your hairstyle in an asymmetrical way. Add an extra twist to your hair when you are pulling it over to the side, in order to help your hair to stay in place.


#5: Undercut

Undercutting your hair can really help you to show off your facial features. A subtle undercut means that you can cover up the shaved patch if you choose to. Coloring it a darker color will enhance your red ombre hairstyle.


#6: Soft Waves

Soft waves really help to show off ombre hair coloring. Leave the lower layers of your hair one color, but color the upper waved sections a brighter or a darker shade of color.


#7: Flame Effect

Fiery flame effects look really cool as part of a red ombre hairstyle. Your roots should be a dark black color whilst your tips should be a yellowy orange shade. The color change will look like bright flames.


#8: Loose Curls

Loose curls are a beautiful soft hairstyle for any woman, as long as they are kept free from frizz. Different colors in a red ombre hairstyle will help each individual section of curl to stand out.


#9: Red and Mauve

Red and Mauve colorings look stunning when they are teamed up with one another. These two colors blend together seamlessly to create an intense and deep ombre hairstyle.


#10: Contrasting Colors

Sometimes red ombre hairstyles look the best when they feature contrasting colors rather than complementary colors. Red and navy blue colors contrast each other well because they are so different from one another.


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Red is a great color for ombre hairstyles because there are so many beautiful shades of red, pink, purple and orange to choose from. If red is not your favorite color, then a red ombre hairstyle might not be right for you. If red ombre hair does not appeal to you, there are plenty of other ombre colors to try.