10 Charming Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyles

Balayage is a new trend that women are falling for easier than ever. It is applied on the surface of your hair while not being spread throughout the tip of your hair. It is more of a messy, but yet somehow natural looking coloring method.


10 Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyles

Of course, when we are talking about the rose gold balayage, it can not look that natural, since who has rosy hair? But these women are making it look so seamless and pretty.


#1: Soft

Rose Gold Balayage soft Hairstyle

This rose gold balayage looks natural and stunning, and the girl is wearing it like a model.

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#2: Instagram

Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle for teen age girl

Doesn’t this look remind you of an Instagram model picture? Whoever her hairdresser is, he or she did an amazing job.


#3: Purple Roots

purple rose gold balayage

Her hair is a little darker compared to the other girls, and that is because she has a darker base. Women who have black or purple colored hair can’t get to the soft rose version immediately, but rather build it gradually.


#4: Long Hair

long rose gold balayage hairstyle
Women with longer hair will look stunning with a rose gold balayage. If you have long hair know that matching this hairstyle with a right night out outfit can’t go unnoticed.

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#5: Super Pink

pink rose gold balayage hairstyle

If you are a fan of super pink colored hair, then get this rose gold balayage style. It is super soft and it looks the best on natural blonde’s.


#6: Big Glam

Even if you are a fan of a night out hairstyles, this balayage method has got your back! You can look stunning with it during your everyday life activities, but especially for the night out with the girls.


#7: Lovely Darker Red

A darker red base with natural red pigment may interfere with your wanted bleached out highlights. But for women who like their rosy/golden highlights to be a little more subtle, but yet they want to have that golden tone, this one is a winner.


#8: Wedding Perfect

This hairstyle can totally be your go to option as a bride! The little jewelry at the center makes it super elegant.


#9: Nature Natural

For a minute we probably got you into thinking that a flower was on top of her head, didn’t we? This just means that highlights blended easily into the natural surroundings.


#10: The Hairdo

The rose gold balayage style looks even cute when you have fish braids on. This one will especially look nice on younger ladies.

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Which one of these 10 rose gold balayage hairstyles appeals to you the most?
Choose your favorite one, and rush to the salon!