7 Stunning Short Balayage Hair For Women With Taste

In case you are looking for your perfect short balayage hair, we have exactly what you need. This hairstyle is often considered as the best hairdo to go with if you are not all about maintaining your hair. Short styles suit women who love to receive attention because you can clearly see their faces. You can even do bolder makeup and bolder hair dye if you have a shorter hairstyle.


Top 7 Short Balayage Hairstyles

These 7 styles are very chic and sexy even though they are on a shorter side. You can blow dry your hair and style it in literally less than 5 minutes. Let’s not forget that your hair will be healthier since you are not constantly blow drying it, curling it or even wearing it in a ponytail. Even though this may sound boring at first, heads up, because it’s about to get amusing.

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#1: Soft Balayage

natural short balayage hairstyle for girl

If you have tons of red natural pigment in your hair you will have the cutest balayage hairstyle. Many women like this soft brown and red option because it is so unusual. We see a lot of blondes all around us, as well as black hair women, but not that many of redheads. Be a trend setter and fully enjoy and show off your red short balayage hairstyle. This picture is a great example of how good it can look in the end if done at a right salon.