Simple Yet Stunning 5 Short Bob Haircuts on Black Hair

Short bob haircut on black hair sounds daring to some, while others are rocking it like a piece of cake. You shouldn’t be afraid of dying your hair into a darker color. In fact, did you know that men are more attracted to brunettes than to blondes? It may be because of all the stereotypical types and jokes about blonde women. But in the end, your hair color is entirely up to you and your choice, and we are just here to show you how stunning the bob haircut on black hair can look.


Amazing Bob Haircuts for Black Hair

Women who have trouble with gray hair often like to color their roots in a black color. Not just them, but many teens are turning to darker hair color as well. It may be because Instagram is giving us all the trends that we can follow along. This bob hairstyle is very simple and easy to maintain and can practically suit anyone. But it is no wonder that more and more business ladies are going for this look. It is simply classy and perfect for the meetings.


#1: Super Soft Super Sweet

Sweet Short bob on black hairstyle for women

A great thing when having black hair is that it rarely ever looks damaged. You can have your short bob black haircut and it will always look soft and shimmery in the sun. You don’t have to spend too much time at the salon when getting a trim, which is a great thing, since who has time to get a cut every 2 months?


Hairstyle for Women Experiencing Thin Line


#2: Mom Do

 bob haircut on black hair your favorite

As we said at the beginning, a lot of business women, as well as moms, like to do their hair this way. You’ve probably seen dozens of older women with specifically this cut in your neighborhood. It is something older women feel most comfortable with, and we can see why. However just because it is super simple it doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful. On the contrary, this hairstyle attracts looks when done right.

#3: Youngsters Love It Too

young girl black Short bob haircut

And here is your Instagram trend. Short bob haircut on black hair is on fleek right now! Younger teens love to look cool and casual, and only some of them can pull it off. If you are going to go with this cut you must be willing to put some effort into your makeup. Balance out your wardrobe, accessories, haircut, and makeup and you will have a strike.


#4: Leona Lewis 


#5: Lawyer It Up

Bob Hairstyle to Wear with Bangs