5 Timeless Short Flip Hairstyles

Who can forget short flip hairstyles from the sixties? It’s a look that every woman was going for. Nowadays there are many adjustments to this hairstyle. It made its biggest comeback in the late 90’s after which women stopped looking at it as an old trend. From then on many unique and fashionable women choose a short flip hairstyle. It’s actually a pretty simple to create. The emphasis is on hair volume on the back and bangs that are pushed to the side. Don’t worry, you don’t have to cut a fringe to pull this off. You can easily fake having bangs.


How to achieve the flip hairstyle?

Firstly, wash your hair. It’ll be much easier to style it when it’s fresh. Add products that you usually put on your hair after washing it, just make sure they’re very light. We don’t want heavy creams or sticky oils to weigh your hair down. Choose a curling iron that has ceramic irons to make sure there’s no damage. Section the hair. Slide the curling iron from the top to the hair ends, and when you get to the end bend the curling iron upwards. Make sure you’re not just bending the hair, but curling it. Lightly brush through the curls and finger style your hair. Add some hair spray to make sure your short flip styled hair stays put.


#1: A Modern Flip

Modern Short Flip Hairstyles for women

While the classic flip hairstyle on a short hair was pretty intense, a modern twist to it is usually much more subtle. It’s enough to tease only the back of the hair. You can leave the rest of the hair as you wish, it’ll still breathe some new air to your hair.

Women’s hairstyles for thinning hair on top


#2: A Classic Side Flip

Classic Side Short Flip Hairstyles for girl

You don’t have to be a pin up girl to try this out. It looks so much fun! Make few sections of the hair and tease the back section. However short, those sections on the sides should be well curled. At the end, flip the hair to one side and voila, a perfect vintage short flip hairstyle!


#3: Extreme Volume

Short brown Flip Hairstyles for women

There’s no runaway show without this flip hairstyle. Extremely teased short hair that’s pushed to the back is a popular look that most models go for. This goes well with every head shape since you can alter the short hair in a way that suits you the best.


#4: Gorgeous Side Flip

Short Flip Hairstyles

The focus of short flip hairstyle can be a dramatic side flip. Since this is done on short hair, keep the ends only slightly bent. That’s because we don’t want to move the attention away from the flip. This will frame your face perfectly.

Colorful Bob Haircuts Shaved In Back


#5: It’s Okay To Be Messy

Short Flip Hairstyles

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with having messy hair for the short flip hairstyle. Everyone can easily pull it off. The messiness will simply to the volume, which is a great thing since volume is the most important aspect of the short flip hairstyle. Bangs should be lightly pushed to one side to create the effortless look.


Who says flip hairstyle on short hair is a thing of the past? There are so many twists to it right now. It can be tailored to everybody’s style and preferences. So, take that comb and start teasing.