Short Funky Hairstyles For Girls to Try In 2018

Some of us love to keep our hair short. That doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with it. It’s easier for us to achieve the edgy look. With just a few simple changes to our regular short hairstyle, we can easily appear more rebellious. That rebellious look is a preferred style for many women in their 20s. Short ¬†funky hairstyles beautifly compliment their vibrancy and fast lifestyle.


How to Choose a Perfect Short funky Hairstyle For you?


Cutting your hair short can be intimidating at first. Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of choosing the right hairstyle for the shape of your head. For women with round faces, it’s best to go with a simple funky gamine. If you have a heart shaped face simply go for a coy pixie cut that’s shorter on the sides and longer on top. Women with oval faces should go for angular bob haircuts.


#1: Beautifully Androgynous Shot funky

Beautifully Androgynous Shot funky
More and more women choose not to follow regular gender norms when it comes to their appearance. Having a really short pixie cut will let everyone know you’re a rebellious woman. To bring this hairstyle to the next level, pick a hair color with blue undertones. A silver color is a great option. If you have sharp facial features, this edgy short pixie cut with a unique hair color will definitely put them in the spotlight.


#2: Short Funky With Cute Bob

Short Funky With Cute Bob
What’s more sheek than a messy layered short bob? While a short bob always makes us look more elegant, it may seem a bit boring at times. That’s why we recommend that you add layers to it. It creates a unique funky hair style. For extra cuteness and playfulness put one part of the hair behind your ear.


#3: Short Funky Undercut

Short Funky Undercut
Undercut hairstyle isn’t just for men. Many courageous women choose it to look sheek and trendy. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but those women with rebellious souls need to try it at least once. How dramatic should it be? As dramatic as you like. For a more funky style keep the hair on top as long as you can. This will definitely add drama to this hairstyle.


#4: Such A Hipster

funky short hairstyles
Being unique and different is extremely important, don’t you agree? To make sure that you stand out from the crowd choose a more versatile hairstyle. A short bob with layers and bangs is a great choice. It seems so effortless yet put together. Adding hair accessories will make your hair look even more interesting and funky. You get bonus points if your hair is naturally messy because that’s perfect for a hipstery funky hairstyle.


#5: So Messy, So Cool

short funky hairstyles with messy look
If your hair has a mind of its own this is a hairstyle you’ve been looking for for years. Keeping the hair short will definitely make it more manageable. But since your hair probably has lots of volume it’ll still look intriguing. Very low maintenance is an obvious advantage here. For a more funky and unconventional appearance put some hair gel and play around.


Funky and edgy short hairstyles are here to stay. As you have seen, they’re very versatile. Every rebellious woman can find one funky hairstyle that goes perfectly with both her facial features and her edgy personality. Just choose one that fits your preferences the best.