19 Kickass Short Hairstyles for Black Women

#11: Tomboy Crop Short Hairstyles

Tomboy Crop Short Hairstyles For black women

A Tomboy crop is a less stylized short haircut thanĀ Pixie crop is. To style a Tomboy Crop, you just need to run your fingers through your hair when you wake up, and then flatten the style down.


#12: Afro with Undercut

Undercut short hair for black women

Show off your bone structure by undercutting a section of a large Afro. Reducing the width of the side section above your eyes helps to give the impression of really high cheekbones.


#13: Copper Top

Lighter skin tones look great with a copper colored hairstyle. The copper color looks really summery and bright, so it is an ideal choice for your next beach hairstyle.


#14: Afro with Soft Corkscrew Curls

afro short hairstyles for black women

An Afro which is made up of distinctive strands of soft corkscrew curls looks fantastic. These curls are light and bouncy so that your Afro hairstyle will have a lot more movement.


#15: Super Tight Corkscrew Curls

curly short hair for black girl

Super tight corkscrew curls form little tubes of hair which look amazing. Although they look amazing, they can be very difficult to maintain because they get knotted up very easily.