10 Superb Ideas for Short Layered Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are totally in fashion at the moment. Short layered hairstyles can be fun, flirty or glamorous. They are a great choice for women who want a fast-paced lifestyle because they tend to be very low maintenance. Ask your stylist if you are looking for a hairstyle which allows you to get up and go!

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Styling Short Layered Hairstyles

Short layered hairstyles are very easy to work with because they are so versatile. It is really easy to change a short hairstyle with a little bit of gel or styling mousse. Enhance the layers by separating each one out with a soft hold hair gel.


#1: Soft Curled Bob

short layered bob hairstyles

Lovely soft curls look perfect as part of a lightly layered haircut. Use a diffuser attachment when you are blow-drying your hair to give you this type of soft hairstyle.


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#2: Choppy Crop

Choppy Crop short layered hairstyles

A choppy crop is an ideal layered hairstyle for a woman with attitude. Use a little bit of hair mousse to pull your hair off into strong spikes at irregular intervals.


#3: Cheek-Length Asymmetrical Bob

Cheek-Length Asymmetrical Bob short layered

A cheek-length bob can be used to create a retro 1960’s style. Layering your hair at a cheek-length will help to make your cheekbones look much higher.


#4: Sassy Side-Fringe

Sassy Side-Fringe hairstyle

A sweeping side fringe can help a short layered haircut to look really glamorous. To add extra weight to your fringe, part your whole hairstyle at one side.


#5: Blue Bombshell

Blue Bombshell short layered hairstyle

Stand out from the crowd by adding a light blue color to a platinum blonde hairstyle. Scrunch a little bit of mousse through your hair after a shower and then let it dry naturally for a gorgeous style.


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#6: Bold Curls

short to medium layered hairstyles

Carefully layering can help bold curls to stand out on a short haircut. If you don’t have natural curls, use rollers to create strong curls that really stand out.


#7: Blunt Fringe Short hairstyles

Blunt Fringe Short hairstyles

Cutting in a blunt fringe (or blunt bangs) is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. Give yourself a smolderingly hot look by doing a smokey eye make-up style too.


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#8: Just out of Bed

short layered bob hairstyles

For a low maintenance short layered hairstyle, try the “Just got out of Bed” style. All that you need to do is tousle your hair with a little gel and then you are ready to rock.


#9: Short Bob with Long Layers

Short Bob with Long Layers

Longer layers help to give short haircuts a choppy look. Use hair gel to help to emphasis the differences in layer length in your short hairstyle.


#10: Light Waves

Light Waves short hairstyles

Use a curling iron to give your hairstyle some light waves. Iron one curls into each section and then brush through your hair to create a wave effect.

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Now that you have plenty of ideas for short layered hairstyles, you will be able to choose a style that meets your needs. Alternatively, you can ask your stylist to help you to choose a short haircut which suits your face shape. We have plenty of other short hairstyle lists to choose from.