5 Trendy Short Sassy Hairstyles for Women

Ready to change up your short hair? If that’s so, sassy hair is the way to go. Play around with different colors or have color combinations you’ve never had the courage to try out. Or better yet, add lots of layers and texture to your hair. There are so many different ways to create a sassy hairstyle on short hair. Most importantly, never forget to show off your cheeky smile. It complements this fun short sassy hairstyle perfectly.


Popular Short Length Sassy Hairstyles

The short answer is, everyone. If you’re younger, you probably want something refreshing and different. That’s why sassy and edgy is a way to go. For older women having a short sassy hairstyle is a great idea because it makes them look youthful and sleek. Let’s be real, older women don’t have to always look serious and formal. Why not have some fun with your hair?


#1: Powerful Pink

Women with black natural hair seem so tough when they color their hair pink. They look the best when their black roots are visible. How great is that? Instead of trying to hide your roots, you accentuate them with pink hair. You’ll get extra sassiness points if you curl your hair. Extra volume is guaranteed. You know what else is guaranteed? You being the center of attention. You go, girl!

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#2: Is That Bob?

But really, can you call this a bob hairstyle when it’s this layered and messy? Call it what you want, but whoever is wearing it is probably a fun person. This hairstyle is perfect for those women who don’t want to cut their hair completely short but still want to experiment with it. Choosing a side parting here will be flattering for most women.


#3: Highlights Are Still In

While highlights are not that trendy on long hair, they’re still rocking the short hairstyle scene. What better way to make your short hair appear sassier than to put some good old highlights? It’s guaranteed to make you feel and look playful and energetic. Add some accessories for extra sassiness. Feel free to choose bigger earrings, they go really well with short highlighted hair.

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#4: Sassy Sidecut

The best way to bring sassiness to current trends is with a sidecut. Sassy hairstyles draw most inspiration from older trends, which is why some women may be reluctant to try them out. However, side cuts are all the rage this year. Put these two trends together and create an innovative look. The longer your hair is the better this hairstyle will be.


#5: Silver Goddess

Is there anything sassier than silver hair? Of course, there is. It’s silver hair with a fringe that’s really short. This is a perfect combination for those brave women who know exactly what they want. Try styling your hair with gel to create a messy, yet put together look. Brush your bangs on one side and your hairstyle is ready.


Every woman is sassy in her own way. You’ll need to find out what sassiness means for you. When you figure it out, it’ll be easy for you to choose one of these unique hairstyles.